Hari Tahov is a renowned fashion designer, producer, and Instagram filter creator based in Los Angeles. 

He has created over 200 popular AR filters among many influencers and brands. 

After graduating from Los Angeles Film School, he started his own company, creating AR filters for Instagram. 

He also pursues modeling and environmental activities besides his successful career as an AR filter designer.

Who is Hari Tahov? 

Hari Tahov is Bulgaria’s famous fashion designer, model, and environmentalist. He has created his clothing line as well as jewelry designs. 

In addition to modeling, Hari is known for developing augmented reality filters for Instagram that many celebrities and brands use. 

He is passionate about ocean conservation and is involved with organizations that protect the environment. 

Hari also produces films and is currently studying film production. He enjoys collaborating with other creatives on various artistic projects.

Early Life of Hari Tahov 

Hari Tahov was born on 10 April 1996 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He was raised in Bulgaria along with his parents, Julian Tahov and Tzvetanka Tahova, who owned a successful club design business. 

Hari had to leave his home and family in Bulgaria at a young age to pursue better educational opportunities abroad. 

He first moved to Istanbul, Turkey, at age 12 to attend middle school. After completing middle school, Hari moved to the United States to participate in high school in Virginia. 

Leaving his home country at a young age was difficult for Hari, but it allowed him to develop independence and gain exposure to new cultures early on in life. 

The experiences from his childhood helped shape Hari into the curious, ambitious, and globally-minded person he is today.

Hari Tahov Age 

 Hari Tahov is currently 27 years old as of 2023 because he was born in 1996. 

At this young age, he has achieved a lot. He won two awards in his country, including Bulgaria’s Fashion Week competition for Youngest Designer of the Year. He also started his online clothing shop. 

He is known as a famous AR filter creator on Instagram and has created filters for many famous brands and celebrities. 

He is also an environmentalist and supports various ocean-cleaning organizations.

Hari Tahov Height and Weight 

Hari Tahov is approximately 6 feet 1 inch tall, which is equal to 185 centimeters or 1.85 meters. His weight is around 65 kg, which is equal to 143 lbs. 

Sources mention that Hari Tahov has a muscular build and maintains his fitness through regular exercise, such as going to the gym.

Hari Tahov Career  

Hari Tahov is a Bulgarian fashion designer, model, and environmentalist living in Los Angeles. 

He was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Hari started his career walking runways and modeling for different fashion brands in Hollywood. He has also won awards for his design work in Bulgaria. 

After moving to study filmmaking at Los Angeles Film School, Hari started creating augmented reality filters for Instagram.

As an AR filter developer, Hari has created over 200 filters for personal and business clients. He helps brands improve their social media presence through unique filters. 

Hari also loves nature and supports environmental organizations like Project Save Our Surf.

In addition to his work in fashion and tech, Hari pursues his passion for filmmaking. He is currently editing his first self-written, directed and produced movie. 

Hari is a talented creative with many successes across different fields, such as design, modeling, and augmented reality.

Hari Tahov Boyfriend  

Hari Tahov is a very private person when it comes to sharing details about his personal life. 

Based on available information from various interviews and profiles, Hari prefers to keep his romantic relationships private.

He moved around in his youth for education, spending time in Istanbul, Virginia, and Los Angeles. 

Hari has mentioned not seeing his family for long periods while in the US.

This busy lifestyle transitioning between countries likely needed more time for lasting personal connections.

As a current resident of LA, Hari focuses on his thriving career as an AR filter designer working with top brands and celebrities. 

When asked about his relationship status in past articles, Hari redirected the focus back to his creative work and environmental causes.

While discreet about dating, Hari exudes charm and confidence through his online presence. 

Fans respect his privacy yet remain hopeful he may find time for love among his busy Hollywood schedule, helping visionary storytellers enhance human experiences through innovative new technologies.

Hari Tahov Net Worth 

Hari Tahov’s estimated net worth is around $3 million as of 2024. He earns money from his successful career as a fashion designer, model, and Instagram AR filter creator. 

Some of his main earning sources include profits from his clothing line ‘Hari Tahov,’ modeling projects, and ad endorsements. 

He also earns well from creating unique AR filters for various brands and celebrities. In 2023, his net worth was estimated at around $1.5 million in the previous year. 

Apart from his annual salaries, Hari earns additional income through real estate investments and other business ventures. 

His coveted fashion designs and luxury collections contribute significantly to his growing financial status.

In the coming years, his net worth is expected to rise even further with new opportunities in film production and other creative fields.

Final Words 

Hari Tahov continues to inspire with his innovative fashion designs, AR filters, environmentalism, and dedication to helping others. 

His journey from Bulgaria to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams is admirable. 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Hari’s passion and creativity.

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