Jaden Versluis is a versatile personality who is known as a professional Travel Content Creator and Founder of JTV Media.

Additionally, he holds the role of Director of Marketing and Head of Content Creation at Savvy Social, specializing in Web 3 Marketing and Influencer Marketing.

With a keen eye for captivating content, Jaden excels in talent management and strategic brand promotion.

Moreover, in this article today we will get to know more about him and dive into his age, family, nationality, girlfriend, Instagram, career, net worth, and more.

Profile Summary
NameJaden Versluis
Birth DateBorn on 6 July 2002
Birth PlaceSurrey, British Columbia, Canada
Zodiac SignCancer
Age21 years old
Net Worth$200,000 USD
ProfessionTravel-based content creator and social media personality
Martial StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendSage Walstra

Who is Jaden Versluis?

Jaden Versluis is a Travel-based content creator and social media personality.

In addition, he also served Jaden Versluis, the innovative mind behind JTV Media, thrives as a Travel Content Creator and Founder.

Simultaneously, he assumes the pivotal roles of Director of Marketing and Head of Content Creation at Savvy Social.

However, his expertise in Web 3 Marketing and Influencer Marketing elevates brand strategies to new heights.

Early Life of Jaden Versluis

Jaden Versluis was born on 6 July 2002 in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada to his anonymous parents.

Additionally, being born in Canada he acquired Canadian nationality by believing in Christianity and his ethnicity is white.

Apart from these, there is nothing shared about his parents and siblings anywhere by him.

However, In terms of his education, Jaden Versluis is trained with a Certificate in Digital Marketing from BrainStation, enhancing his skills in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Besides, he carries a Certificate of Marketing and Sales from the University of the Fraser Valley, reflecting his dedication to business, management, and marketing proficiency from Sep 2020 to Aug 2022.

Jaden Versluis Age

Jaden Versluis is 21 years old as of 2024 because he was born on 6 July 2002 in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Moreover, his zodiac sign is Cancer and these personalities are nurturing and intuitive with a deep emotional connection.

Also, they exhibit loyalty and sensitivity, often prioritizing home and family, guided by their empathetic and caring nature.

Jaden Versluis Birthday

Jaden Versuluis turned 21 on 6 July 2023 and that day he reflected on his incredible journey in one of his posts on Instagram.

Where he acknowledged the disparity between social media’s highlight reel and his daily uncertainties.

Despite the challenges, he celebrates the profound transformation from a limited travel history at 19 to exploring 20 countries within two years.

Additionally, he mentioned Through discomfort, he gained life-changing experiences, forged lasting friendships, and built a supportive community.

He said that he is grateful for overcoming lows and turning 21, Jaden pledges to give back, expressing profound thanks to his followers for unwavering support.

Moreover, He envisions more birthdays and dreams of celebrating with his community on a beach in a beautiful country.

Jaden Versluis Career

Jaden Versluis image

Jaden Versluis marked his career as a seasoned Content Creator and he is the founder of JTV Media and Director of Marketing at Savvy Social.

With 3+ years of self-employment, he excels in content creation, boasting over 350,000 TikTok and 135,000 Instagram followers.

In addition, as founder of JTV Media, he leads an influencer agency specializing in platform monetization and growth, collaborating with top influencers.

Currently, he is working as Director of Marketing at Savvy Social where he contributes to the company’s success in sales automation and social media growth.

Likewise, his tenure as Talent Manager at Cloutdefined showcased his expertise in managing social media influencers.

However, throughout his career, Jaden has produced impactful campaigns, notably gaining 3.5 million views for EF Ultimate Break.

However, his universal skills include content strategy, social media marketing, and online content creation.

Jaden Versluis Instagram

Jaden Versluis social media

Jaden Versluis holds 186,000 followers on his official Instagram account and invites his followers to join his global travels from Vancouver.

In addition, his engaging content spans mental health advocacy, and with 500k+ across all platforms, he shares his adventures and promotes well-being.

Jaden Versluis Linkdln

Jaden Versluis’s LinkedIn shows that he wears multiple hats as a Travel Content Creator, Founder of JTV Media, and Director of Marketing at Savvy Social.

Also, he shares insights and experiences with the same so you may connect with him on his LinkedIn. Where he has 3,131 followers and an extensive network of 500+ connections.

Jaden Versluis TikTok

Jaden Versluis’ TikTok (@jadenversluis) is for captivating travel stories and tips with 379,000 followers and 13.6 million likes.

However, he invites his followers and fans to join him in his adventures.

Jaden Versluis Girlfriend

Jaden Versluis girlfriend

Jaden Versuils’ is in currently a relationship with his girlfriend whose name is Sage Walstra.

Moreover, he often shared pictures with her on his Instagram account in one of his posts he expressed his loving wishes to her on the occasion of her 19th birthday.

Jaden Versuils Net Worth

Jaden Versluis collects an estimated net worth of $200,000 USD as of 2024.

However, majorly he acquires this range of net worth through his career as a travel content creator and influencer.

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