Jessica DeFino is an American beauty-culture critic and journalist who has described herself as a “pro-skin/anti-product” reporter.

In addition, debunks myths perpetuated by the global beauty industry, addressing evolving beauty standards, fearmongering marketing tactics, and societal pressures.

Also, DeFino is known for her bright and sassy articles in prestigious publications like Vogue and The New York Times,

Similarly, she has now found a more authentic platform with The Unpublishable, a Substack newsletter tackling issues mainstream media often avoids.

Profile Summary
NameJessica DeFino
Birth Date1989-1990
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California.
Age36 years old
Net Worth$8 Million
ProfessionFreelance beauty journalist
Martial StatusUnknown

Who is Jessica DeFino?

Jessica DeFino is a freelance beauty journalist residing in Los Angeles, California.

However, she has dedicated seven years to writing, researching, and publishing on beauty and wellness.

Additionally, her extensive portfolio includes contributions to notable publications such as Vogue, The Cut, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar.

With a focus on challenging industry norms, DeFino’s work reflects her critical perspective on beauty standards.

Moreover, her expertise and insights have made her a respected voice in the field, addressing topics from skincare trends to industry practices.

Early Life of Jessica DeFino

Jessica was born in the year 1989-1990 in New Jersey, United States of America to her anonymous parents.

Additionally, being born in America she holds an American nationality by believing in the religion of Christianity.

Additionally, in terms of her family, there are no details disclosed about her parents and siblings, in short, her childhood is kept in under mystery.

Moreover, she has gained her bachelor’s degree in Music/Business Songwriting from the Berklee College of Music.

Jessica’s music degree conveys a unique perspective to her writing and it suffuses each piece with lyrical differentiae of storytelling, flow, and connection to her audience.

Jessica DeFino Age

Jessica DeFino image

Jessica is about 35-36 years old as of 2024 because she was born in the year 1988-1989.

Additionally, her actual date of birth is not shared on the internet hence there are no clues about her zodiac sign and her astrological number.

Jessica DeFino Career

Jessica DeFino’s career has gained recognition for challenging the beauty industry’s influence on self-perception.

Moreover, she has described herself as a “pro-skin/anti-product” reporter.

DeFino aims to debunk myths perpetuated by the beauty industry, addressing evolving beauty standards and marketing tactics that fuel consumer insecurities.

With a background in styling musicians and collaborating with the Kardashians on their apps.

DeFino’s career took a turn when she faced skin issues triggered by stress and an overload of beauty products.

Also, she transitioned to a simpler skincare routine, leading her to explore the science of skin and redirect her focus.

However, now contributing to The Unpublishable, a Substack newsletter, she tackles topics overlooked by mainstream publications, challenging industry norms and advocating for authenticity in beauty.

Despite her earlier aspirations as a performer, DeFino has found her voice as a critic, offering an alternative perspective on the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry.

Jessica DeFino Net Worth

Jessica DeFino has an estimated net worth of $8 Million as of 2024.

Moreover, she amasses her earnings through her profession as a beautician journalist.

Additionally, she owns an expensive house and lives a luxurious life.

Also, she accumulates her wealth of revenues from her social media outlets and distinct brand endorsements.

However, she doesn’t reveal her monthly and daily revenue expenditures.

As soon as we get any information regarding her monthly or daily revenue will surely update it.

Jessica DeFino Instagram

Jessica DeFino has 62,500 followers, on her official Instagram account with 6 posts and 3161 accounts.

Moreover, her account suggests her work spans with The New York Times, VICE, and her Substack newsletter, The Unpublishable.

Jessica DeFino Kim Kardashians

Kardashian and Jessica image

Jessica DeFino’s past collaborations with the Kardashians suggest now advocates for embracing natural imperfections over chasing unrealistic beauty standards.

Additionally, she has exposed myths perpetuated by the $883 billion global beauty industry through her Substack newsletter.

However, the Unpublishable, DeFino delves into topics mainstream media may avoid, aiming to provide a more authentic perspective.

Her journey involves overcoming skin issues exacerbated by the very industry she critiques, leading her to adopt a minimalist skincare approach.

Jessica DeFino Husband

Jessica DeFino relationship status is covered in mystery, as she hasn’t provided any clues about being single or secretly dating.

However, the beauty culture critic and writer keeps her personal life private, leaving devotees curious about her romantic involvement, adding an air of conspiracy to her public persona.

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