Khaby is a Senegalese-Italian content creator, internet personality, and social media influencer. He is famously known for creating content simplifying needlessly DIY and other hack videos.

He is also famous for having a funny face and often becomes a meme on the internet. In fact, he never disputed that at all.

If you want to know about Khaby, we will discuss his age, relationship, height, weight, net worth, and many more that you can read in this article.

Profile Summary
NameKhabane Lame
Birth Date9 March 2000
Birth PlaceZiguinchor, Senegal
Zodiac SignPisces
Age23 Years Old
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 6ft 1in
In Centimeter: 185cm
In Meter: 1.85m
WeightIn Kilogram: 75kg
In pounds: 165 lbs
Net Worth$13 million
ProfessionTikToker and Social Media Personality
GurlfriendZaira Nucci

Who is Khaby?

KhabyCredit: The Ecomonic Times - IndiaTimes

Khabane Lame (aka Khaby Lame) is a Senegalese-Italian internet personality, social media influencer, and content creator. He increased his fame after creating content simplifying needlessly DIY (Do It Yourself) and other hack ones.

He often shares some funny and interesting content on his personal TikTok account. In fact, not a few videos of his creativity always penetrate FYP and are watched by millions of people around the world.

Some people may not realize that his face is always a meme image on all social media, especially Instagram and Twitter. Many people always laugh at the pictures. Khaby himself claimed not to be concerned about it.

Apparently, the images of memes that mill around in the virtual world have an impact on its popularity. Khaby is getting more and more famous and his name is one of the most influential top influencers today.

Early Life of Khaby

Khaby was born on 9 March 2000 in Ziguinchor, Senegal. He never shared information about his parents and family in detail.

He is devout of Christianity, while his descent is Senegalese-Italian. For your information, Senegal is one of the small countries in West Africa.

In addition, Khaby has an educational history that is not too smooth. He had to accept rejection from middle school, high school, to college.

However, he was able to develop and become a famous influencer like now.

Khaby Age

Khaby imageCredit: Forbes

Khaby is currently 23 years old as of 2023 because he was born on 9 March 2000. He has become one of the most well-known social media influencers today.

As a matter of fact, many people know him because there are funny meme images that have been shared on social media until this time. He is also popular cause has a great personality.

Khaby Height and Weight

Khaby is 6 feet 1 inches taller which is equivalent to 185 centimeters or 1.85 meters. Further, he is 75 kg in weight which is equal to 165 lbs.

His body measurements are 42 inches (chest), 15 inches (waist), and 34 inches (hips). He also has slim body type, black eyes, and short hair.

Khaby Career

Khaby photoCredit: Forbes

Started his career as a video gaming creator, to switched to being a TikToker. However, who would have thought that Khaby had worked as a waiter and earned a monthly income of $1,000 USD. 

At that time, he did not have enough money to go with his family from Senegal to Italy. He decided to take on two jobs: as a waiter and factory worker. However, the COVID-19 pandemic that had shocked the world in 2020, turned out to make it limitless.

Khaby also tried hard to earn money, until finally, he took the initiative by making many people entertained and laugh on the internet.

First, only two people watched the video, namely his father and his neighbor. However, he did not give up just like that.

He creates a wide variety of creative and unique content, including DIY. In the end, he managed to gain a lot of followers in March 2020. Millions of people have followed him on all social media, so he recruited someone as his manager.

Now, Khaby has collaborated with a number of well-known brands, one of which is Hugo Boss who believes it as one of the celebrities for their campaign.

Khaby Social Media

Currently, Khaby has proven that he can be a great and most well-known social media influencer in the world. He has a TikTok account named @khaby.lame and increased his fame there. Surprisingly, he is able to gain more than 161 million followers there.

On Instagram, he also has a verified account called khaby00. Khaby has amassed over 80 million followers and is one of the top 100 most followed Instagram accounts in the world.

Khaby always shares some cool photos and reels that all his fans love. Not a few content that he shares always attracts attention, to the laughter of many people. He also often uploads endorsement content for certain brands.

He has a YouTube channel called @khabylame and has more than 6 million subscribers. He also has been uploading over 150 videos, while the majority of the content is themed comedy that is very funny.

Khaby Girlfriend

Khaby picCredit:

Khaby is in a special relationship with a woman named Zaira Nucci, a social media influencer and artist. Their relationship began to be public after Khaby uploaded a photo with Zaira on April 4, 2011.

Their relationship seemed harmonious and almost never exposed to unpleasant gossip. There is no further information on whether they will get married soon or not.

Khaby Net Worth

Khaby’s estimated net worth is $13 million as of 2023. The number of followers that reach millions of people has an impact on the growth of his income.

He has an engagement rate of more than 7% which is so high when it comes to TikTok. Khaby is reportedly able to earn income from sponsored posts about $55,000 USD to $90,000 USD.

On Instagram, Khaby can earn around $57,000 USD to $95,000 USD for a sponsored post. Recently, he launched his own store website named, and you can find various great products there. It also has been becoming one of his main income sources now.

Facts About Khaby

  • Began his career as a video gaming creator, before switching to be a TikToker.
  • Worked as a waiter and earning monthly salary was around $1,000 USD.
  • Wanted to move from Senegal to Italy, but he did not have enough money. He decided to take multiple jobs as a waiter as well as a factory worker.
  • Lost his job after the COVID-19 pandemic came into the world in 2020.
  • Become one of the top 100 most followed Instagram accounts in the world at this time.
  • Has more than 161 million followers on TikTok, which has made him to be the most followed social media influencer at this time.
  • A prestigious world-class brand, Hugo Boss has chosen him to be one of the celebrity ambassadors who promote their campaign.
  • Get in a relationship with an artist as well as a social media influencer like himself, Zaira Nucci.

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