Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault are reality television personalities and they met on the show called The Curse of Oak Island.

Their wedding is currently on trend and people talking about them.

So, let’s find out in this article whether Alex Lagina and Mariam Amirault are a wedded couple or if it is just a rumor including their net worth.

Who is Alex Lagina?

Alex Lagina
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Alex Lagina is a reality television personality. He was born in 1987 in Traverse, Michigan, USA.

He is known for being an engineer, businessman, and reality television personality.

Most people recognize him from the reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island where he works alongside his father, Marty Lagina, and Uncle Rick Lagina as they explore the mysteries of Oak Island.

Who are Alex Lagina’s Parents?

Alex is the son of Marty Lagina and M. Olivia Lagina and he has a sister. Both of his parents are engineers.

The Lagina family resides in Traverse City, Michigan, and Alex is currently 37 years old.

After completing his studies Alex returned home to assist with the family business.

What Does Alex Lagina Do For a Living?

Alex Lagina is a popular figure in the television industry and an entrepreneur.

He is best known for his role as a co-star on the popular reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island.

In addition to his television career, Alex is the founder of Mari Vineyards, a highly acclaimed winery located in Traverse City, Michigan.

Through Mari Vineyards, Alex has gained recognition for producing exceptional wines and offering a unique experience for wine enthusiasts.

While he has not received formal awards for his work, Alex’s involvement in The Curse of Oak Island and his success as a businessman have earned him respect and recognition in both the television and wine industries.

Who is Miriam Amirault?

(Source: IMDB)

Miriam Amirault is a skilled archaeologist who graduated with honors in Anthropology specializing in Classical Studies from the University of New Brunswick in 2020.

She is originally from Digby, Nova Scotia, she began her archaeological journey during university, participating in excavations in Cuba, which deepened her passion for the field.

Miriam made her debut on the History Channel’s documentary series The Curse of Oak Island during Season 8 led by Dr. Aaron Taylor who noticed her exceptional talent.

She not have a central role but Miriam quickly became a fan favorite on the reality show, appearing in about forty episodes.

Miriam’s unexpected departure during Season 9 surprised and disappointed fans who had grown fond of her lively personality and eagerness for new adventures.

Her rise to fan-favorite status reflected the impact of her contributions to the series.

Is Alex Lagina Married?

Alex Lagina is not married according to some sources. People who watch the reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island and are curious about Alex Lagina’s personal life often wonder if he is married.

He keeps his personal life very private and hasn’t shared details about a girlfriend or partner.

There have been rumors about him being in a relationship with someone named Katherine E Sneed, but neither Alex nor Katherine has confirmed this.

Is Miriam Amsirault Married?

Miriam has never been married it is unclear if she is currently romantically involved.

Miriam’s personal life is a mystery, and fans are curious about the dating life of the young archaeologist.

Fans of the show speculate about a spark between Miriam Amirault and Alex Lagina, but neither has made any statements.

It is not surprising, as both individuals prefer to keep their personal lives private.

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault wedding

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault are causing a buzz on social media due to rumors about their relationship status after sharing wedding photos online.

Fans are speculating if they are romantically involved and eagerly await confirmation from the duo.

Being Miriam Amirault and Alex Lagine’s seemingly single status, details about their dating history remain unknown, adding to the mystery.

The enigmatic nature of their connection has sparked intense curiosity among followers, intrigued by the potential romance that goes beyond their on-screen collaboration.

The absence of concrete information on their marital or dating status leaves fans in suspense.

The true nature of Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault’s relationship is yet to be unveiled.

Wedding photos of Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault circulating on social media have fueled rumors about whether the duo got married.

Fans are avidly speculating about their marital and romantic status, suspecting a connection beyond their professional collaboration on the show The Curse of Oak Island.

Being their on-screen chemistry, Miriam Amirault hasn’t clarified her romantic history.

The relationship status of Lagina and Amirault remains ambiguous, leaving fans in suspense about whether they are married or dating.

Alex Lagina Wife

Alex Lagina has not tied the knot and he is currently unmarried. And there is no information about him having a wife or a confirmed partner.

For those hoping for a romantic connection between Alex and Miriam, there might be disappointment.

Rumors suggest that Alex is dating fashion blogger and social media influencer Katherine Sneed.

The rumored couple often shares travel photos on social media, and Sneed wished Alex a happy birthday on Instagram in 2020. She expressed her desire to travel with him soon.

Miriam Amirault husband

Miriam Amirault is unmarried and she chooses to keep her private life, including her marital and dating status, undisclosed.

This aligns with her commitment to focus on her archaeological work with the Lagina brothers, as seen in The Curse of Oak Island.

Miriam, known for her attractiveness, is likely drawing interest from potential suitors. As her public profile grows due to the documentary series, maintaining privacy about her personal life might become challenging.

While she seems unmarried at the moment, Miriam is focused on advancing her career and continuing her studies.

Alex Lagina Net Worth

Alex Lagina has an estimated net worth is around $50 million as of 2024. Most of his money comes from his family’s successful businesses.

Alex is a reality TV star, an engineer, and a successful businessman. We have seen him help run his family’s businesses, like a wind turbine company and Oak Island excursions.

His wealth is expected to grow even more in the future.

Miriam Amirault Net Worth

Miriam Amirault estimated net worth is around $700,000 as of 2024. She has been successful in her career and has been featured in many magazines and websites.

Apart from her TV work, she is also an entrepreneur. She has created and sold products like her own skincare line and a fashion line.

Additionally, Amirault has worked as a spokesperson for different companies.

Even though we don’t know exactly how much she earns as a salary, her various ventures have contributed to her overall wealth.

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