Anita Phillips is a Trauma therapist, author, and life coach who has had experience dealing with these issues through speaking at conferences, organizations, and churches.

Now, dear readers, it is the time to explore all the possible information regarding her age, net worth, husband, career, social media, and many more.

Who is Anita Phillips?

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Anita Phillips is a well-known American mental health professional, public speaker, Author as well and minister of the gospel.

Likewise, she is figured out as the famous wife of Reverend Michael Phillips.

Anita Phillips, a widely known respected voice addressing belief, culture, mental health, and vigor issues, has garnered acclaim through elements on notable outlets.

These include impressions on Red Table Talk, Essence, The Talk, TBN, Tamron Hall, Woman Thou Art Loosed, and Woman Evolve.

Anita Phillips Childhood

Anita Phillips was born on 17th October 1973 in California, America.

She is the daughter of Pastors John Phillips (Father) and Anita nee Kerridge (Mother) who raised the family from a Christian perspective.

The family lived in a housing commission estate in the outer suburbs (at that time Melbourne).

However, her sister Valarie had a distinct incident despite being put forward in the same household.

Valarie was a sufferer of obsession, mental illness, and drug abuse.

Anita, watched her suffer from her misery until she succumbed to mental health problems.

Moreover, Anita got a degree from Regent University and the University of Maryland.

Also, she accomplished a postdoctoral fellowship at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which was funded by the NIH.

Lastly, Anita Phillips is an American by nationality and she carries Black American ethnicity and follows the Christian religion.

Anita Phillips Age

Anita Phillips is 51 Years old as of 2024 because she was born on 17th October 1973 in California, America.

Similarly, her zodiac Sign is Libra, the 7th astrological sign in the zodiac list.

Moreover, these individuals have personalities of a harmonious and friendly nature.

Anita Phillips Height and Weight

Anita Phillips is 5 feet 9 inches a decent height which is equivalent to 175 centimeters or 1.75 meters.

Likewise, her body weight of 55 kilograms or 121 lbs, as she is very concerned about her fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, the color of her eyes is Brown and her hair color is Black. Additionally, Anita’s favorite color is Red and her lucky number is 7.

Anita Phillips Career – How She Started

Anita commenced her career and has grown to be an influential lady speaking at events, conferences, meetings, and the digital web.

Moreover, she is an ordinary visitor at Better Together hosted by Laurie Crouch, discussing Pain, Facing the Unkown, How Fear Affects Us, and Turning Envy into Action.

She is also common at the Potter’s bungalow where she evangelized about The Promise Fulfilled, How Are You, Lost in Translation, and Unpacking.

Also, she is renowned for her paradigm-shifting wisdom at the intersections of mental health, spirituality, and culture.

Additionally, this inspiring lecturer helps individuals, groups, and associations in overwhelming problematic challenges, such as overcoming anxiety or redesigning the road to equity.

In addition, she co-hosts The Light Podcast on The Woman Evolve Network.

She is a partner of the Faith Communities Task Force and the Advisory Board for the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention.

Also, Dr. Anita attends ministry at Kingdom Life Church in Baltimore with her spouse, Pastor Michael Phillips.

Anita Phillips Books

Anita Philips is the writer of the book “The Garden Within” where the War with Your Sentiments Ceases and Your Most Powerful Life Begins.

In this book, Mental health professional Dr. Anita Phillips nourishes readers with a unique perspective on the relationship between spirit, heart, mentality, and body by linking spiritual notions.

The most current findings in neurobiology, and her study and procedure as a licensed therapist.

Moreover, Anita skillfully blends the spiritual, psychological, and natural facets of the human experience.

Anita Phillips quotes

Here are some famous quotes by author Anita Phillips.

Your spiritual life cannot be isolated from your emotional reality.

Literature is the haven of fluidity, of slippage from one character to another, of movement.

Anita Phillips Husband

Anita Phillips is cheerfully married to her loving husband Michael Phillips who is the COO of T.D. Jakes Entreprises.

Moreover, Anita and Pastor Michael have been married for 25 years and they are proud parents of their two wonderful grown children, Michael and Oliver.

Hence, Michael got a degree from Harvard University in 2020, whereas Oliver is a qualified author and artist.

Anita Phillips’s Net Worth In 2024

Anita Phillips has an estimated net worth of $10 Million as of the year 2024.

She owes this remarkable figure to her work as a life trainer and trauma therapist as well as her book sales.

In addition, she also obtains a lot of revenue from the podcasts she hosts in addition to the several platforms she fetches invited to communicate as a motivational speaker.

Lastly, she has her podcast named “In the Light” from which she accumulates and expands her earnings.

Anita Phillips Youtube

Anita Phillips is very popular on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram.

She has around 34,800 thousand subscribers and has 20 videos related to life goals and meditation on her YouTube channel.

One of her most viewed videos on her YouTube channel is named “The Decision Tree”.

Similarly, her Instagram account (@dranitaphillips) has around 22,100 thousand followers.

In addition to this, he has a Twitter (now X) account with around 6,374 thousand followers.

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