Becky Hillyard is an American fashion and lifestyle blogger. 

She is popular on social media platforms like Instagram, where she shares styling tips, interior decor ideas, and event planning inspiration. 

Hillyard has established a successful career in blogging and now has a sizable income and millions of online followers inspired by her creative content.

Who is Becky Hillyard? 

Becky Hillyard is an American fashion blogger and social media influencer. 

She is popular on Instagram, sharing outfit ideas, styling tips, interior decorating inspiration, and event planning ideas on her account, cellajaneblog. She has over 750,000 followers on Instagram.

Becky rose to fame with her Instagram posts in early 2019, where she started sharing her outfit of the day, beauty, and lifestyle content. 

She ensures to add brands and sizes of clothes in her posts to help her viewers style themselves. Becky also shares photos with her family, which her followers enjoy.

With her passion for fashion and lifestyle, Becky has gained a loyal following on social media, who look up to her for outfit inspiration and decor ideas. 

Her engaging content and relatable style have made her a well-known influencer today.

Becky Hillyard Childhood

Becky Hillyard was born on 15 January 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

She grew up in a middle-class family and had a typical childhood. Becky came from a family of four – she had one brother and one sister.

Not much is known about Becky’s parents, as details about them have not been disclosed. She spent her early years in Salt Lake City and attended East High School for her primary education. 

Becky was interested in fashion and photography from a young age.

After finishing high school, Becky studied at the University of Utah. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Sociology. 

Throughout her school and college years, Becky explored her interests, eventually leading her to start her successful career as a blogger.

Becky Hillyard Age  

Becky Hillyard is currently 35 years old as of 2024 because she was born on 15 January 1989. 

Becky Hillyard Height and Weight 

Becky Hillyard is 5 feet 4 inches tall, which is equal to 162 centimeters or 1.62 meters. While her exact weight is unknown, based on her height, she is likely around 60 kg in weight which is approximately 132 lbs. 

Hillyard maintains a slender figure and takes good care of her physique through diet and exercise, as seen in her blog posts and Instagram pictures.

Becky Hillyard Career 

Becky Hillyard has had a very successful career as a fashion blogger. She started her blog called ‘cellajaneblog’ on Instagram in early 2019. 

On her blog, she shares outfit ideas, styling tips, photos of home decor, and event planning inspirations. Becky also posts pictures of her and her family.

Her Instagram posts became very popular, and her follower count grew quickly. Today, she has over 850,000 followers on Instagram. 

Becky includes the brands and sizes of her clothes in her styling posts. She also shares her height to help viewers understand how the clothes may fit them.

Along with running her popular blog, Becky has also worked with some big brands. She has partnered with companies to promote their clothes and accessories on her social media pages. 

Her hard work and creative content have earned her success as a fashion influencer.

She continues to treat her growing fan following by sharing new outfit ideas and lifestyle inspiration regularly. 

She has come a long way in her journey and established herself as a renowned name in fashion blogging.

Becky Hillyard Husband 

Becky Hillyard has happily married her husband Michael for several years. They met while he was working in laundry textiles in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Though Michael’s job requires extensive travel around the US, they decided to settle down together in Kansas City to start a family.

Becky and Michael have three beautiful kids together. Unfortunately, their names and ages have not been publicly shared. 

Becky finds much joy being a mom and often shares photos on her blog and Instagram of her kids enjoying family activities.

Michael is very supportive of Becky in her work as a blogger. When he’s not traveling for his job, he helps by taking photos of their family for Becky’s blog, Cella Jane. 

The photos give her followers a glimpse into their fun family life. Becky and Michael seem dedicated to balancing their careers with raising their three children

Their kids surely benefit from growing up in a loving home with parents who also pursue their passions.

Becky Hillyard New House

Becky Hillyard lives in a beautiful home. She owns a big house where she lives with her family, which includes her husband and kids. 

The house has many rooms like bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. It also has a lovely garden and backyard. 

Becky loves to spend time with her family in her home. The house is located in a suburb of a city in USA. However, details about the exact location and value of the house are private.

Becky Hillyard Net Worth In 2024

Becky Hillyard estimated net worth is $12 million as of 2024. Her primary source of income comes from her successful career as a fashion and lifestyle influencer. 

Through her popular Instagram account and blog, Cella Jane, Becky has amassed over 800,000 followers and drawn the attention of major brands. 

Brand sponsorships, paid partnerships, and affiliate marketing on her sites have significantly boosted her yearly earnings. 

Becky’s estimated annual salary from social media endeavors is around $400,000. In addition to her influencer income, she also earns from book deals and online courses. 

Her thriving career and increasing popularity over the past few years have enabled steady growth in Becky’s net worth. 

With her expertise and engaged following, Becky Hillyard is well-positioned for continued financial success through new business ventures shortly.

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