Danny Aarons is a British YouTuber, TikTok star, media face, social media personality, influencer, and Twitch streamer who is based in London, England, United Kingdom.

He is famous for playing FIFA 23 and other games, and he always uploads content to his social media. No doubt, each video always receives many comments from the netizens.

Who is Danny Aarons?

Danny Aarons
Credit: The Sun

Danny Aarons is a British media face, YouTuber, TikTok star, Twitch streamer, influencer, and social media personality from London, England, United Kingdom.

He always shares his hobbies about playing games on his official social media account, including YouTube.

Its popularity has skyrocketed because it likes to play FIFA 23, and other games.

He uploaded his video to YouTube and was able to attract millions of viewers for each upload.

He plays the game great and always catches the attention of many people when doing it. Naturally, his ability made Danny successful in having millions of subscribers on YouTube.

Reportedly, Danny got banned from using the Ultimate Team feature, especially regarding the Transfer Market.

He distributed several screenshots to his official Twitter account and got banned from all his followers. EA insisted on taking this step because it did not comply with applicable policies.

Early Life of Danny Aarons

Danny Aarons was born on 3 May 2002 in London, England, United Kingdom. His father, Andy Aarons is a worker in the region.

Meanwhile, there is no information about his mother’s name, even he never shares and talks anything about his sibling.

If you look at his personal Instagram account, Danny might be the only child of his parents.

Not infrequently he always shares moments of togetherness with his beloved parents, both inside and outside the home. He loved his parents very much, and always gave the best for their lives.

Danny adheres to Christianity following his parents, while his ethnicity is white. He had bright white skin color, like the majority of Britons in general.

Danny also got an education at a Local High School in London and managed to graduate with good results. Then, he continued at a Private School at his birthplace since a few years ago.

How Old Is Danny Aarons?

Danny Aarons image
Credit: The Sun

Danny Aarons is currently 22 years old as of 2024 because he was born on 3 May 2002.

He succeeded in becoming a Twitch streamer, as well as an influencer media social that shared several online gameplay content to his social media.

He got banned because EA says that he violated applicable policies, especially when playing FIFA 23 and similar games.

Danny Aarons is 5 feet 9 inches taller which is equivalent to 175 centimeters or 1.75 meters. Further, he is 62 kg in weight which is equal to 136 lbs.

His physical character is that his posture is quite fat, both eyes are brown, his hair is short brown, and his shoe size is at number 7 (US).

Danny Aarons Career

Danny Aarons pic
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He is a video game lover who likes the world of football. When he was little, he used to play sports with his friends.

In the end, he was curious and wanted to find out about video games and YouTube.

On 17 December 2016, he finally joined as a YouTube user, created a private channel called ‘Danny Aarons’, and began uploading several videos. First, he only shares videos about Minecraft and other games.

In 2018, he deleted all of his videos and shared content related to FIFA. Danny also tried several games such as FUT Champions, Champs Challenges, and many more to attract the attention of many people.

Danny managed to get more than 1 million subscribers, and the number of viewers reached more than 200 million people.

He built his second YouTube channel called ‘DannyAaronsClips’ and has shared several videos too.

Not just as YouTuber, he also works as TikTok star and Twitch streamer. Danny managed to get thousands of followers on all his social media.

Danny Aarons Girlfriend

He is unmarried and says that he is still focused on being a great YouTuber and social media personality.

Danny never shares any pictures who look romantic with a woman on his platforms. He is still at home single and hasn’t thought about romance until now.

Danny never stopped working hard to build, while raising his name as a famous YouTuber and influencer.

In addition, he almost often shares several exciting moments with family and friends on his social media.

Several parties assume that Danny does not want to share his love story with the public. He is still at home single and wants to build his career for the better in the future.

Danny Aarons’s Net Worth

Danny Aarons photo
Credit: Reddit

Danny Aarons estimated net worth is $4 million as of 2024. He earns money from his jobs as a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and social media personality.

He gained the main income from the internet and the followers and viewers that always increased significantly gave the possibility to him to make his wealth more than this time.

Some Interesting Facts About Danny Aarons

  • Began his career by reaching out about video games and YouTube.
  • Gained popularity because of playing FIFA 23 and more games.
  • Earned golden and silver YouTube play buttons.
  • Available on Instagram (dannyaaronsfut)
  • Uploaded his first Instagram post on 25 July 2020.
  • Has an official YouTube channel namely @DannyAarons, and it has more than 1.56 subscribers and 1.4K videos.
  • His Twitch account (dannyaarons) has gained more than 802K followers.
  • EA banned him because he was proven to violate the applicable game policy.

Final Words

His dream of becoming a social media star and YouTuber is not a mere figment.

Danny Aarons successfully proved himself to be an internet personality and had many followers on every social media he owned.

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