Deirdre Angela Shaw is the daughter of famous actress Angela Lansbury. Angela Lansbury was known for her roles in many movies and TV shows. 

Her mother, Angela, helped her overcome this problem. Now, Deirdre owns an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. She is a businesswoman and chef.

In this article we learn everything about Deirdre Angela Shaw including her age, height, career, husband, and net worth.

Profile Summary
NameDeirdre Angela Shaw
Birth Date26 April 1953
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California
Zodiac SignTaurus
Age70 Years Old
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 5ft 6in
In Centimeter: 167cm
In Meter: 1.67m
WeightIn Kilogram: 68kg
In pounds: 150 lbs
Net Worth$2 million
ParentsFather: Peter Shaw
Mother: Angela Lansbury
SiblingBrother: Anthony Pullen Shaw
Martial StatusMarried
HusbandEnzo Battarra

Who is Deirdre Angela Shaw?  

Deirdre Angela Shaw is a celebrity kid, public figure, businesswoman, restaurant owner, and chef from America who is popular as the eldest daughter of the late renowned actress Angela Lansbury. 

She first opened an Italian restaurant in LA called Ristorante Positano with her husband. Still, she later shifted to Enzo and Angela in 2005, where Deirdre continues operating as the head chef. 

Unlike other celebrity children who follow in their parents’ acting footsteps, Deirdre chose an entrepreneurial path in the culinary world.

Early Life of Deirdre Angela Shaw 

Deirdre Angela Shaw was born on 26 April 1953 in Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, Los Angeles, California. 

She is the daughter of famous actress Angela Lansbury and producer Peter Shaw. Deirdre completed her schooling in California. 

Like her brother Anthony Pullen Shaw, Deirdre also got addicted to drugs in her teenage years. 

To protect her from drug addiction, her mother, Angela Lansbury, shifted her to Ireland when she was 17 years old. 

In Ireland, Angela encouraged her daughter to learn cooking, which helped divert her attention from drugs. 

With the help of a doctor, both Deirdre and her brother overcame their drug addiction by undergoing methadone treatment in Ireland.

Deirdre Angela Shaw Age 

Deirdre Angela Shaw is currently 70 years old as of 2023 because she was born in April 1953 in California. 

As the daughter of renowned actress Angela Lansbury, she grew up in the entertainment industry and witnessed her mother’s illustrious acting career from a young age. 

At 70, she owns and operates a popular restaurant while spending time with her family.

Deirdre Angela Shaw Height and Weight 

Deirdre Angela Shaw is 5 feet 6 inches tall, which is equal to 167.64 centimeters or 1.67 meters. Her weight is 68 kgs, which is equal to 150 lbs.  

Deirdre Angela Shaw is slim, standing 5 feet 6 inches tall. 

She has beautiful blue eyes and light blonde hair. Photos show she has a fair complexion and is quite attractive.

Deirdre Angela Shaw Career  

Deirdre Angela Shaw had an interesting career path, unlike her mother, Angela Lansbury, and brother, Anthony Pullen Shaw, who pursued acting. 

After marrying her husband, Enzo Battarra, she discovered her passion for the restaurant business. 

Together with Enzo, they opened an Italian restaurant named Ristorante Positano in Los Angeles, given that Enzo is an expert in Italian cuisine. However, the restaurant closed down in 2005.

Later, Deirdre and Enzo opened another restaurant called Enzo & Angela – The Italian Restaurant in 2005. 

Deirdre served as both the owner and head chef at this restaurant. She enjoyed preparing various authentic Italian dishes in the kitchen. 

The restaurant had social media pages where photos of Deirdre’s cooking were shared. Unfortunately, Enzo & Angela’s restaurant is also closed now.

While her family was involved in the entertainment industry, Deirdre pursued a different path, creating her approach as a successful businesswoman and chef. 

She beautifully combined her love for cooking with running her own culinary business alongside her husband. 

Though short-lived, operating the Italian restaurants allowed Deirdre to follow her passion outside the acting world.

Deirdre Angela Shaw Husband  

Deirdre Angela Shaw got married to her husband Enzo Battarra, in her 30s. Enzo works as a chef with Deirdre in her Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. 

He is an artist and painter who loves to create paintings. Enzo has also painted a portrait of Deirdre Shaw, which hangs on the wall of their restaurant. 

Together with Enzo, Deirdre opened an Italian restaurant in LA named Enzo and Angela in 2005. 

Deirdre works as the owner and head chef of this restaurant, while Enzo assists her in the kitchen. They don’t have any children of their own. 

The restaurant’s Instagram page shares photos of the Italian dishes cooked by Deirdre and the family dining outings, showing their close-knit family.

Deirdre Shaw, Angela Lansbury’s Daughter

Deirdre Shaw is Angela Lansbury’s daughter who struggled with drug addiction in her youth but overcame it. 

She is now a successful businesswoman and chef running an Italian restaurant in LA with her husband, Enzo Battarra, without any kids of her own.

Deirdre Angela Shaw Net Worth 

Deirdre Angela Shaw’s estimated net worth is $2 million as of 2023.

Deirdre Angela Shaw earns money through her successful restaurant business and as a chef. 

She owns a popular Italian restaurant in Los Angeles called Enzo and Angela, and her husband, Enzo Battarra, is the head chef. 

The restaurant has been thriving since 2005, bringing in a good income. In the past, she also co-owned another restaurant called Ristorante Positano, which added to her earnings.

Her net worth was slightly lower in 2022 at around $1.5 million. As her restaurant business grows steadily yearly, her annual earnings are estimated to be about $200,000. 

In addition, she occasionally provides consultancy services for other food business ventures. 

With her vast experience in the culinary field, she has the potential to expand into other profitable areas in the coming years.

Overall, Deirdre Angela Shaw has achieved financial stability and comfort through her hard work and entrepreneurship. 

Her restaurant has become quite popular over time. If managed well, it is likely to remain her primary source of income and help increase her wealth further in the future.

Final Words

Deirdre Angela Shaw chose not to pursue a career in acting like her mother and brother. 

She found her passion in cooking and opened an Italian restaurant in LA with her husband Enzo called Enzo and Angela. 

The restaurant was a success and provided her with a happy ending. I hope you liked reading about Deirdre Shaw. Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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