Heartland is a Canadian family drama series based on the Heartland book series by Lauren Brooke.

It follows the lives of sisters Amy and Lou Fleming on the Heartland family ranch in Alberta.

The show has been loved by audiences and holds the title of Canada’s Longest Running Hour Family Drama with 16 seasons aired and an upcoming 17th season.

You can watch it on various streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Dove Channel, FuboTV, Hallmark Movies, Hallmark Movies Now Amazon Channel.

Lou is the character who first got married to Peter and together they had two daughters, Katie and Georgie.

But then, they got divorced. After that Lou started dating Mitch and many people thought Peter and Mitch would get marry.

However, at the end of Season 14, Lou and Mitch break up because Lou still has feelings for Peter.

Who is Lou?

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Samantha Louise also known as Lou Fleming is Amy’s older sister in Heartland.

She is the oldest daughter of Marion Fleming and Tim Fleming and she is a mom to Georgie and Katie.

Lou went to college in New York and worked there.

When their mom Marion passed away in a car accident then Lou returned to Heartland to help the family ranch.

She is known for being organized and taking her time with important decisions.

Lou had a boyfriend from New York named Carl who proposed to her but she later discovered it was only for his job.

Later in the series, Lou’s friend Lisa sets her up with Peter who is an oilman.

Eventually, Lou and Peter get married have their daughter Katie, and officially adopt another daughter named Georgie.

Who is Mitch?

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Mitch Cutty used to work as a stable hand at Heartland Ranch and he became a love interest for Lou Fleming.

They initially had a rough start after a failed first date.

However, Mitch demonstrated his skills to Jack and he was hired as a ranch hand at Heartland without Lou knowing.

Living closely together led to Mitch and Lou starting to date. Mitch later became a business partner with Jack and Tim in Heartland Beef.

Mitch and Lou faced challenges when they decided to live separately due to dissatisfaction with their communal living.

He bought a nearby ranch for them. However, a disagreement about herd expansion led Mitch to sell his partnership with Heartland Beef.

Their relationship faced a major hurdle when Lou decided to rekindle her romance with Peter because they had different life goals. Heartbroken, Mitch sold his cattle herd to Heartland and moved away.

In a later season, Lou matched with Mitch on a dating website.

In Season 14, Mitch and Lou’s relationship gets worse further due to conflicting desires about having children.

This disagreement became too much for them, leading to their breakup

Does Lou Marry Mitch in Heartland?

Lou and Mitch
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In Season 10 of Heartland, after Lou’s divorce from Peter she and Mitch become a couple.

Despite their differences, their relationship faces challenges and continues through the next seasons.

In Season 13, they take a significant step by buying a ranch together which indicates a long-term commitment.

In Season 14, they decide to take an even bigger step by getting engaged. This brings hope for their future that the couple Lou and Mitch got marry.

Sadly, by the season’s end, they make the difficult decision to part ways.

Fans are left with a mix of emotions about Lou and Mitch’s fate as their story takes unexpected turns in the Heartland series.

Does Lou End Up With Mitch?

Lou and Mitch’s relationship in Heartland had its share of break-ups and their latest one in Season 14 was significant.

They were engaged but decided to take a break. Lou who was focusing on her career as the mayor of Hudson, struggled with balancing her professional and personal life.

When she got engaged to Mitch, she initially thought it would allow her to prioritize her career but later she realized she still had feelings for Peter which led to doubts about marrying Mitch and prompting the break.

Their journey began when Mitch and Lou met through an online dating site during Lou’s divorce from Peter in Season 9.

However, in the Season 10 finale, a misunderstanding about Lou’s connection with Peter leads to Mitch leaving Heartland.

In Season 15, Mitch sold his herd and property and moving away. Lou came to terms with the end of their relationship, understanding that it was truly over between them.

Who Does Mitch Marry on Heartland?

In Season 12, Mitch dated Maya and got engaged but called off the wedding due to lingering feelings for Lou.

They reconciled bought a ranch together in Season 13 and got engaged again in Season 14.

Conflicting schedules and emotional moments with Peter caused strain.

Lou realized she still had feelings for Peter, and Mitch acknowledged their differing priorities—Lou focused on her career, while Mitch wanted a family.

In the Season 14 finale, they decided to part ways.

Mitch’s desire for children, especially after losing his cousin Zack, conflicted with Lou’s decision not to have more kids.

Their journey in Heartland showcased the challenges of love, career, and differing priorities.

Do Peter Cheat on Lou?

In the TV show Heartland Lou Fleming has a complicated romantic history.

Lou and Peter faced troubles in their marriage because Peter was always busy with work and rarely spent time with his family.

Although some people thought Peter might have betrayed Lou during their separation, these claims were never proven.

The main reason for their marriage falling apart was Peter’s focus on work and not being present with his family rather than staying in his office in Vancouver.

Do Peter and Lou Get Back Together?

Lou and Mitch
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Lou and Peter face problems in their marriage which is leading to frequent arguments and Lou’s doubts about Peter’s commitment to the family.

The issues escalate, ultimately resulting in their decision to separate.

Lou and Peter opt for a divorce, officially ending their marriage by signing papers in Season 10 Episode 10 titled Together and Apart.

Even after the divorce, Peter continues to care for Lou, and moments suggest the possibility of them getting back together and they commit to being there for their daughters.

Following the divorce, Lou and Peter work together to co-parent their daughters and Peter becomes a more present and important figure in the Bartlett-Fleming family.

In Season 15, just before Lou plans to marry Mitch she and Peter realize they still have feelings for each other.

Throughout Season 14, Peter supports Lou during tough times, while she is with Mitch, who isn’t as present.

By Season 16, Lou and Peter openly declare their love for each other and reaffirm their commitment by expressing their vows again.

They are back together, ready for the next chapter in their relationship.

This journey in Heartland showcases the complexities of love, separation, and second chances.

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