Elys Hutchinson is a British ski lecturer and model who rose to stardom after appearing on the fifth season of Netflix’s reality dating show Too Hot to Handle.

Additionally, she is one of the contestants who have to follow the rules of a virtual assistant named Lana, who forbids any sexual contact among the participants. 

Moreover, the show premiered on July 14, 2023, and will release new episodes every week until 28 July 2023. 

Who is Elys Hutchinson?

Elys Hutchinson is a ski lecturer, model, and TV essence from England.

She grew to stardom due to her formation in Too Hot To Handle on July 14, 2023. 

The fifth season of the Netflix show “Too Hot To Handle” marked the introduction of Elys Hutchinson, who quickly became a prominent figure in the Netflix world.

Ely’s participation in the show delivered her a distinctive chance to express her true self on screen.

Also, she openly shared that she has been accustomed to effortlessly attracting the attention of guys and generally getting what she desires.

Early Life of Elys Hutchinson

Elys Hutchinson childhood
|| Elys Hutchinson during her childhood ||

Elys Hutchinson was born on 8 August 1999, in Somerset, England, United Kingdom, but was brought up in Switzerland, where she shifted as a newborn. 

Moreover, she is an immature member of her household and has two older sisters.

Additionally, Elys comes from an influential family background her father is a businessman, and her mother, Pamela Hutchinson, functions as a vocabulary teacher.

Prospering up, Elys followed a total of 11 schools throughout her childhood. 

However, she spent an important part of her education at Millfield Senior School, while her sister took off to Ardingly.

During her childhood, Elys aspired to a zeal for football and even played as a semi-professional. 

Moreover, she later transitioned into modeling and came to be a ski instructor as well.

At last, she is British (swiss) by her nationality and Caucasian ethnicity.

In terms of her religion, Elys follows a Christian religion.

How Old Is Elys Hutchinson?

Elys Hutchinson is 25 Years old as of 2024 because she was born on 8 August 1999, in Somerset, England, United Kingdom.

Similarly, her zodiac Sign is Leo, and it is the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac list.

Moreover, these individuals have the personalities of charming, warm, welcoming, funny, protective, and generally great company.

Elys Hutchinson Height and Weight

Elys Hutchinson is 5 feet 11 inches a decent height which is equivalent to 180 centimeters or 1.80 meters.

Likewise, her body weight of 59 kilograms or 130 lbs, which possesses a statuesque and elegant presence.

Further, her other body measurements are 32 inches (chest), 34 inches( waist), and 30 inches (hips) and her bra size is 34 UK.

Lastly, Elys Hutchinson’s Eye Color is blue and her hair color is blond.

Elys Hutchinson Career

Elys-Hutchinson pic

Elys Hutchinson started her career as a skier when she was a young child and became a ski instructor at 16. 

She works as a ski instructor in Switzerland during the winter season and travels to various goals during the summer. 

Elys is also a model and has been signed by Profile Models in London since she was 13 years old.

However, she has done various photoshoots and campaigns for brands and magazines.

Elys Hutchinson in Too Hot To Handle

Elys Hutchinson tied up the cast of Too Hot to Handle Season 5 in 2023, wishing to discover love and have joy on the show. 

She is one of the original contestants who arrived on the first episode.

Moreover, she describes herself as a tomboy and a girly girl who loves adventure and adrenaline. 

Further, Elys is also very confident and outgoing and likes to flirt with everyone. 

In addition, she has been involved in a love triangle with Hunter and Alex on the show.

Is Elys Hutchinson Single?

James Middleton and Elys Hutchinson
|| James Middleton and Elys Hutchinson ||

Elys Hutchinson does not have a boyfriend at the moment and she is single and looking for love on Too Hot to Handle Season 5, a Netflix reality dating show.

Moreover, she was previously dating a person named James Middleton, but they broke up before she joined the show.

Additionally, on the show, she has been involved in a love triangle with Hunter LoNigro and Alex Snell, two other contestants.

Elys Hutchinson and Alex Snell

Elys Hutchinson and Alex Snell had a strong connection throughout their time on Too Hot To Handle season 5.

The couple dating outside the confines of Lana’s villa wound up being too difficult. 

Moreover, they were happily together after THTH season 5, both working and living in the United Kingdom.

They got to know one another, but pressures from the real world were tough after living in the confines of the villa.

While there were stressors on Too Hot To Handle, they were nothing in comparison to the outside world. 

In addition, Alex and Elys managed their relationship for six months, but ultimately the couple broke up before the premiere of THTH season 5 on Netflix.

Elys Hutchinson and Nathan Soan

Elys Hutchinson and Nathan Soan both are friends Nathan Soan is a contestant in the show Too Hot to Handle season 3 and Elys is from season 5.

However, they both met each other on the shooting set of this show season 5.

Where ex-co-star Nathan Soan comes and meets the other nine contestants of this show.

Although some rumors were spread that they both dating each other it’s not like it was gossip.

Elys Hutchinson Net Worth In 2024


Elys Hutchinson’s total net worth is estimated to be $4 million as of the year 2024. 

Moreover, she earned this asset from her enduring involvement in the entertainment enterprise as well as modeling.

Additionally, her net worth has increased in 2024 compared to previous years, but the exact amount has not been determined.

Lastly, she may associate with more brands and support their products in the coming days.

Elys Hutchinson Social media

Elys Hutchinson is very popular on social media outlets like Facebook (Meta), Instagram, and Twitter.

Moreover, she has around 426,000 followers on Instagram with his username Ꭼlys Hutchinson (@elys_hutchinson).

Similarly, her YouTube channel with the username @elyshutchinson1106 has around 130,000 subscribers.

In addition to this, she has a Twitter (now X) account with around 1,66 followers.

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