Heath Cordes is an American stand-up comedian. He is best known for performing his live humor show on a comedy show called ‘Kill Tony’.

We will explain all the information about Heath Cordes in this article. You can find out his biography such as weight, age, height, condition, net worth, and more clearly and completely.

Profile Summary
NameHeath Cordes
Birth DateIn the 2002
Birth PlaceArab, Alabama, United States of America
Age21 Years Old
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 5ft 0in
In Centimeter: 153cm
In Meter: 1.53m
WeightIn Kilogram: 48kg
In pounds: 105 lbs
Net Worth$100,000
ProfessionInternet personality and Stand-up comedian

Who is Heath Cordes?

Heath Cordes
Credit: His own Instagram

Heath Cordes is an American internet personality and stand-up comedian.

He became more famous after his appearance on the comedy show, Kill Tony. He was able to take people’s attention on the show at that time.

A lot of people admit that the comedy talent and sense of humor that he has is also very good. In addition, Heath was one of the comedians whose name is on the rise at this time.

Funny and adorable faces become the main attraction when people are watching the action on stage.

Heath is not only talented as a comedian but an internet celebrity. He has amassed quite a lot of fans on his social media.

He did not hesitate to upload several handsome moments and portraits that seized the attention of the public

Early Life of Heath Cordes

Heath Cordes was born in 2002 in Arab, Alabama, United States of America. He takes great care of his personal and family privacy.

There is no clear and definitive information on the current number of members of his family.

Heath himself was a Christian, while he was Caucasian. He is also an American citizen.

Heath Cordes Age

Heath Cordes image
Credit: His own Instagram

Heath Cordes is currently 21 years old as of 2023 because he was born in 2002. He is already one of the rising young stand-up comedians of the moment.

Heath successfully seized public attention after his stunning performance on the comedy show, Kill Tony.

Heath Cordes Height and Weight

Heath Cordes is 5 feet 0 inches taller which is equivalent to 153 centimeters or 1.53 meters. Further, he is 48 kg in weight which is equal to 105 lbs.

This talented young comedian has a dashing and good personality. Meanwhile, Heath looks adorable with his fit figure measurements.

He has bright skin, blonde short hair, and gray eyes which have made his appearance is always awesome.

Heath Cordes Career

Heath Cordes photo
Credit: His own Instagram

Heath Cordes embarked on his comedy career just a couple of years ago. He debuted as a comedian on 11 October 2021, where he shared the moment through one of his personal Instagram posts.

Previously, Heath ventured to show his stand-up comedy skills at the coffee shop. He received one mic per week by acquiring a place to perform for an hour. Even so, his talent was successful in making him join the well-known stand-up community.

Heath did not stop honing his skills in comedy. In the end, he got serious and decided to move to Austin, Texas, which was prompted by a callback from Comedy Mothership, Joe Rogan’s comedy club.

After appearing repeatedly in Kill Tony, Heath secured a golden ticket, earning him the title of ‘The greatest bucket pole of all-time’ by Tony.

Heath can display the best performance which makes him able to receive a golden ticket.

Heath has also participated in various arenas, one is the Kill Tony Arena Show with Rick Diaz on New’s Eve in 2024.

Not a few people are very much looking forward to the appearance of his stand-up comedy which is funny and entertaining.

Heath Cordes Social Media

Heath Cordes has a YouTube channel named @therealheathman_, which has more than 500 subscribers.

He does not share any content yet at this time. He also has a TikTok account, @heath.cordes with more than 2.2K followers and has not shared anything yet.

Heath also has an Instagram account, therealheathman_, and has gained more than 33K followers.

He posts various photos and reels that show himself, as well as togetherness with his friends who have the same occupation as a stand-up comedian.

Heath Cordes Girlfriend

Heath is currently still single and he has not dated anyone else yet. He is still focused on pioneering a career as a comedian, especially since he has appeared in many famous performances and venues.

Heath himself seemed happy to enjoy his solitude while gathering with his friends. He often spends time with fellow comedians.

Heath Cordes Net Worth

Heath Cordes pic
Credit: His own Instagram

Heath Cordes estimated net worth is $100,000 USD as of 2024. The amount is quite a lot for a young comedian who is still pioneering a career like himself.

Consistency in the profession as a stand-up comedian, gradually impacts on his wealth which can increase in the future.

Facts About Heath Cordes

  • He Has a unique nickname, Heath, while rumor says that his other surname is Mariah.
  • Decided to move to Austin, Texas, cause got a callback from Comedy Mothership, Joe Roger’s comedy club.
  • Heath’s most incredible performance was on the Kill Tony, where he got the golden ticket as well as increased his comedy career to today.
  • Actively participated in several arenas, one is the Kill Tony Arena Show with Rick Diaz on New Year’s Eve in 2024.
  • Heath performed mainly at a coffee shop, while he was limited to one mic per week only due to the closest venue for an hour.
  • Heath is currently unmarried and still focuses on his comedy career.

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