Iman Gadzhi is a well-known British-Russian businessman, YouTuber, web videographer, digital marketer, entrepreneur, content creator, and social media influencer.

He rose to fame for his successful entrepreneurship.

He earned huge fame at a young age. He has also a million followers on social media accounts which he handles at this time.

Who is Iman Gadzhi?

Iman Gadzhi
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Iman Gadzhimagomedov (aka Iman Gadzhi) is a famous British-Russian businessman, entrepreneur, web videographer, digital marketer, social media influencer, content creator, and YouTuber.

People know him for his successful entrepreneurship.

He is able to gain popularity at a young age. He really works hard to be successful in the right way, and he has had a passion for being a businessman since few years ago.

Iman is famously known as a founder of IAG Media. It helps coaching and e-commerce business through paid traffic as well as sales funnels.

Moreover, he is popular on social media sites too. He has over a million followers on the platforms which he manages now.

He always shares inspiring things on Instagram and YouTube.

Iman Gadzhi Childhood

Iman Gadzhi was born on 3 January 2000 in Dagestanskiye Ogni, Russia.

He grew up with his beloved mother, and she has been becoming a single mother since he was a child.

His mother’s name is Muminat Gadzhimagomedova, while his father’s name is unknown.

Iman always celebrates his birthday on the 3rd of January every year.

For his education, he has not shared a lot of information about that. Reportedly, he finished his early schooling at a Local High School in his hometown.

But, rumour said that he dropped out of his school.

Iman Gadzhi Nationality and Ethnicity

Iman Gadzhi holds British nationality and he has a mixed ethnicity of British-Russian descent. He follows the Christian religion.

How Old Is Iman Gadzhi?

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Iman Gadzhi is currently 24 years old as of 2024 because he was born on 3 January 2000.

He is one of the famous and talented entrepreneurs who raised his popularity for his successful stories.

He became success because his mother did a lot of struggles to take care of him as a single mother since he was a kid.

Iman Gadzhi Height and Weight

Iman Gadzhi is 5 feet 9 inches taller which is equivalent to 175 centimeters or 1.75 meters. Further, he is 65 kg in weight which is equal to 143 lbs.

He is a good-looking smart and handsome man with impressive body measurements. He has also athletic body type.

Iman always wears shoe size at 7 (US). He has also bright skin, black eye and hair colours, as well as inked some tattoos on his hands.

He has a charming personality that make good people always surround him.

Iman Gadzhi Career

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Iman Gadzhi is a prominent businessman and entrepreneur today.

At the beginning of his career, he quite often faced a number of failures. Moreover, she grew up with a single mother, where she quit school, and focused on a career to change family life since adolescence.

When I was 15 years old, Iman had a dream to become a professional footballer, while he often does sports activities. Unfortunately, that dream just vanished.

He previously invested in buying a Canon camera for $400 USD. Then, he managed various firms. This led him to not continue his schooling.

After that, he acquired FuroSystems and ZebraFuel as his new clients.

He continued his career by expanding his business to social media. There, Iman began to give a number of business advice that inspired many people.

Iman is also known as the founder of IAG Media. The company uses bought traffic and sales funnels to assist coaching, and e-commerce firms.

Now, Iman has become one of the leading and famous businessmen in the world. The business line is quite a lot with income that is quite tempting every month.

Iman Gadzhi Social Media

Iman Gadzhi is available on social media sites, including YouTube. He has an official channel through his self-titled, @ImanGadzhi and has more than 3.9 million subscribers.

He mostly shares contents about business and entrepreneurship there.

He has also a TikTok account called @realimangadzhi with over 3 million followers. He uploads a number of contents about Q&A, entrepreneurship, to business advice.

On Instagram, Iman’s official account is imanfadzhi and has over 1.4 million followers.

The contents are about business, entrepreneurship, travel, to best moments with his mother.

Iman has a Twitter account named @gadzhiiman. He has more than 595K followers but it does not seem active at this time. He posted the last tweet a year ago.

Who Is Iman Gadzhi Girlfriend?

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Iman Gadzhi is reportedly dating a woman named Natasha.

If you look at her social media, Iman very rarely uploads moments of togetherness with her lover.

He often posts photos and videos with his mother and friends. No doubt, many women love it because of its hard work and success as a businessman.

Iman Gadzhi Net Worth

Iman Gadzhi’s net worth is $25 million as of 2024.

He obtained the wealth from a number of businesses that he is currently running.

In addition, his role as a founder and CEO of IAG Media is increasing making his wealth can increase next year.o have your comment below and stay update for our next articles.

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