Ingrid Contreras, born on 31 October 1995, is a Mexican singer, YouTuber and internet personality. She is famous for being a mezzo-soprano.

She has accumulated millions of followers across the internet and still winning their hearts. Let’s take a look at this article to know about her in detail.

Who is Ingrid Contreras?

Ingrid Contreras
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Ingrid Contreras is a special singer from Mexico. She has a deep attractive voice, and she combines classic mariachi music with smooth pop ballads in a unique way.

She picks songs from the best songwriters in Mexico and sings them in her unique style.

This showed her ability to sing romantic pop songs with a mix of different kinds of music and make them sound really good together.

Early Days of Ingrid Contreras

Ingrid Contreras born on 31 October 1995 in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora. She started singing when she was just three years old, listening to her mom’s music records.

When she was only four, she told her parents that when she turned 18, she wanted to go to America and become a pop star.

And she did it! At 18, she moved to Boston and worked in a restaurant to make money while she chased her dream of becoming a singer.

But after six months, she went back to Mexico, feeling a bit frustrated but still determined.

Ingrid Contreras Age

Ingrid Contreras is 28 years old as of 2023, as she was born on 31 October 1995.

At this age, she has already achieved significant recognition as a Mexican singer, YouTuber, and internet personality.

Ingrid Contreras Height and Weight

Ingrid Contreras’s height is 5 feet 7 inches or 165 centimeters or 1.65 meters.

She weighs 60 kg which is equal to 132 lbs. She has a model personality, her attitude, confidence, and expression on her face while singing are very satisfied and decent.

Ingrid Contreras Journey as a Singer

Ingrid Contreras

In Mexico, she joined a group called Grupo Onixx and sang with them for a few years. Her powerful singing style and the group’s amazing stage performances caught the attention of music executives in Mexico.

Then in August 2019, she started her own music company called Ingrid Contreras Music.

She released her very first song, “Te Seguiré Queriendo,” and it became a hit on video platforms and streaming services.

After that, she released a powerful video for her cover of the song “Fue Lo Mejor” directed by Héctor Toro.

This song is about unhealthy relationships, but Ingrid and Toro used it to draw attention to a big problem in Mexico – domestic abuse and violence against women.

Ingrid Contreras Personal Life

Ingrid Contreras

Ingrid Contreras is in a romantic relationship and not single. But unfortunately, she didn’t reveal his name or any kind of information regarding him.

She wants her love life to be private.

How Much is Ingrid Contreras Net Worth?

Ingrid Contreras’s estimated net worth is $1 million as of 2024. Her earning sources are from social media like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Her song Aunque Sea En Otra Vida, which she uploaded on her YouTube Channel, got more than 23 million views. Ingrid earns a good amount of wealth from her audience and her followers.

Facts About Ingrid Contreras

  • Ingrid Contreras is a Mexican singer, YouTuber, and internet personality known for her mezzo-soprano voice.
  • She skillfully blends classic mariachi music with smooth pop ballads to create a unique musical style.
  • In 2019, her debut song “Te Seguiré Queriendo” showcased her talent for fusing different music styles and garnered popularity in Mexico and the Southwestern United States.
  • Ingrid Contreras was born on October 31, 1995, in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico.
  • She began singing at the age of three and expressed her dream of becoming a pop star when she was just four years old.
  • At 18, Ingrid moved to Boston to pursue her dream of becoming a singer but eventually returned to Mexico after six months.

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