Jayla Fatu is the daughter of renowned WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso.

She often accompanies her father to WWE shows and seems to have caught the wrestling bug at an early age despite still pursuing her education.

She comes from a famous family deeply entrenched in sports entertainment as the niece of legendary wrestler Rikishi and cousin to current tag team star Jey Uso. 

In this article we learn everything about Jayla Fatu including her age, height, parents, siblings, and net worth.

Who is Jayla Fatu?  

Jayla Fatu is the daughter of WWE superstar Jimmy Uso. Jimmy has Jayla from a previous relationship before marrying fellow wrestler Naomi. 

Not much is publicly known about Jayla, as Jimmy and Naomi have chosen to keep their children’s lives private. 

It is believed that Jayla lives with her father, Jimmy, and stepmother, Naomi. Along with her half-brother Jaidan, Jayla is being raised in a household of two famous wrestlers. 

While details about her age are unavailable, she is part of the family that makes up one of the most popular tag teams in WWE – The Usos.

Early Life of Jayla Fatu

Jayla Fatu was born on somewhere between 2010-2012 in Pensacola, Florida, United States. Not much is publicly known about her exact date of birth.

She was raised by her mother in Pensacola up until she was young. Jayla’s father is the famous WWE wrestler Jimmy Uso.

Jayla Fatu Mother

Jimmy and Jayla’s mother were in a relationship during which she was born. However, they later parted ways.

In 2014, Jimmy married fellow wrestler Naomi, who became Jayla’s stepmother.

Jayla spent her childhood in Pensacola along with her younger brother Jaiden.

Her parents kept her away from the limelight due to their celebrity status. She received her primary education from a local school in Pensacola.

Jayla comes from a prestigious wrestling family background. Her grandfather is the iconic Rikishi, and her uncles are renowned WWE stars.

Despite facing issues due to her parents’ separation during her early days, she was brought up with love from both sides of the family.

Jayla Fatu Age  

Jayla Fatu is estimated to be around 12 years old as of 2023. She was likely born between 2010 and 2012, though her exact date of birth has not been revealed publicly. 

At around 12 years of age, Jayla is likely in middle school and enjoying typical pre-teen activities like spending time with friends and exploring hobbies and extracurricular activities.

Jayla Fatu Height and Weight 

Jayla Fatu’s exact height and weight are not publicly known; the average height for a 12-year old girl in the United States is 4 feet 9 inches or 145 centimeters or 1.45 meters.

Her estimated weight would be between 90 and 110 lbs or 41 and 50 kg, which is within the normal range for her age. 

Jayla Fatu Career 

While Jayla Fatu is still very young, at around 12 years old, she follows in the footsteps of her famous father, Jimmy Uso, a renowned WWE superstar. 

As the daughter of Jimmy Uso, Jayla has been exposed to the world of pro wrestling from a very young age.

She often accompanies her father to WWE events and is sometimes seen in the audience cheering him on.

Though yet to actively compete, Jayla has expressed interest in getting involved in the business. 

She has been training with her uncle Jey Uso at the WWE Performance Center to learn basic skills like wrestling holds, agility drills and promo skills.

Fans have also spotted Jayla helping out backstage at Smackdown and Raw tapings.

Given her lineage and early exposure to the industry, many see big things in store for Jayla Fatu’s potential career if she chooses to join WWE one day formally. 

Only time will tell if she decides to pursue in-ring competitions or take a non-wrestling role backstage.

She seems focused on supporting her family and learning all she can from her talented relatives.

Jayla Fatu’s Boyfriend  

As Jayla Fatu is still quite young at around 12 years old, she is likely more focused on her family, schooling and burgeoning wrestling career than dating. 

Not much about Jayla’s life is publicly known outside her famous family in the WWE.

At her age, most of her peers would still be in middle school and just starting to develop casual friendships rather than serious romantic relationships.

Jayla may have a crush on a classmate, but nothing serious at this stage. Maintaining a steady boyfriend could be challenging with her family’s hectic travel schedule for events, 

Both her father, Jimmy Uso, and uncle, Jey Uso, married their long-time partners from high school, so Jayla may follow a similar path of finding love a bit later once she settles into adulthood.

Jayla appears close to her family members and seems dedicated to learning the ins and outs of the wrestling business from them.

 Romantic interests are likely not a top priority at this young age as she focuses on school, training and supporting her father’s career within WWE.

Jayla Fatu Net Worth  

Jayla Fatu’s estimated net worth is unknown as of 2023, considering she is still quite young at 12 years old. 

As the daughter of renowned WWE superstar Jimmy Uso, Jayla has benefitted financially from her father’s multi-million dollar career earnings over the past decade.

Jimmy Uso’s net worth is currently estimated at around $3 million US dollars.

As his dependent minor child, Jayla likely receives support from her father for school, travel expenses, and any money needed for daily activities.

Her primary source of wealth stems from her father’s wrestling contracts and merchandise sales.

While Jayla does not generate an independent income yet, she does help out at WWE-related family events. 

Many expect her net worth and earnings potential to grow significantly if she decides to pursue an in-ring career after school.

For now, Jayla appears to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle through her famous father’s wrestling success.

Final Words

Jayla Fatu seems like a bright young girl who enjoys growing up with her loving family.

She often accompanies her father, Jimmy, at WWE events. Jayla may one day follow in her father’s footsteps in WWE.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Jimmy Uso and his daughter Jayla. Seeing families bond together in the heart of sports entertainment is heartwarming. 

Share your thoughts about Jayla’s future in WWE in the comments below.

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