Markian Benhamou is a Russian-American businessman, social media personality and YouTuber.

He is famously known for his incredible content, such as pranks, challenges, and videos regarding the life of becoming of foreigner in Hong Kong.

Markian Benhamou has gained over a million followers and likes on social media accounts which he handles.

He always entertains and makes people fun with his amazing content.

Who is Markian Benhamou?

Markian Benhamou 
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Markian Benhamou is a Russian-American businessman, social media personality, and YouTuber.

He rose to fame for his amazing content, including challenges, pranks, to videos regarding becoming a foreigner in Hong Kong.

Markian Benhamou can gain more than a million followers as well as likes on social media platforms that he handles. Then, his several videos went viral which made him became famous.

People do not know yet that he runs his own business for a solo influencer brand with over 7 million followers and 2 billion views.

He is a talented person and never stops to make people amazed by his smartness and great talent that he shows off on the internet.

Markian Benhamou Childhood

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Markian Benhamou was born on 1 April 1998 in Russia.

He came into the world to parents named Franck Benhamou (father), an entrepreneur who has launched some multinational companies in different countries.

Other than that, his mother’s name is Zora Benhamou, a businesswoman and founder of a site named ‘Hackmyage’, which helps with longevity and anti-aging.

He has a mixed cultural background such as French-Moroccan (father) and American-Ukrainian (mother).

Markian has also a sister whose name is Kalina Benhamou, an actress and social media marketing manager at

Markian holds American nationality and a devout of Christianity religion. He is Aries by zodiac sign and his ethnicity is French-American.

He completed his early schooling at different places, such as Lycee Francais School Moscow in Moscow, Russia (2001 to 2005), Laude San Pedro International School in Marbella, Spain (2005 to 2014), and Kellett School in Hong Kong (2014 to 2016).

Markian Benhamou finished his Bachelor of Science and Business Administration at the University of Southern Carolina in the USA between 2016 to 2018.

How Old Is Markian Benhamou?

Markian Benhamou is currently 26 years old as of 2024 because he was born on 1 April 1998.

He is one of the well-known businessmen and social media stars who has over a million fans on social media sites.

Markian Benhamou runs his own business as a solo influencer brand with over 7 million followers as well as 2 billion likes.

How Tall Is Markian Benhamou?

Markian Benhamou is 5 feet 9 inches taller which is equivalent to 179 centimeters or 1.79 meters. Further, he is 60 kg in weight which is equal to 132 lbs.

He is a good-looking smart and handsome man with strong and impressive figure measurements. He has a normal body type too.

Markian Benhamou always looks stunning with black short hair, white skin, mesmerizing and blistering golden eyes, and a charming smile.

People always admire him because he has a cheerful personality.

Markian Benhamou Career

Markian Benhamou pic

Markian Benhamou started his career by uploading several videos to YouTube.

He first uploaded the video on August 19, 2014. The following month, he uploaded a video titled ‘How PewDiePie‘ which captured the attention of the public.

In 2018, he approved Facebook, where he received many positive responses, as well as uploading videos to the platform.

Most of his videos are about love, cultural diversity, relationships, and more.

In addition, Markian has collaborated with many prominent influencers, such as Sam Li, Kurt Tocci, etc., as well as is the head of ‘Smile Squad’ which is a comedy YouTube channel.

He has uploaded some videos on YouTube including ‘What It’s Like to Have an Indonesian Friend’, ‘What It’s Like to Have a Rich Friend’, ‘How To Save Your Awkward Friend’, and ’13 Weird Things American do’.

Markian Benhamou Social Media

Markian Benhamou is available on YouTube, and his official account is named @markianb. He has more than 630K subscribers and mostly shares about challenges, cultural diversity, relationships, and many more.

He keeps uploading the same content and thoughts on TikTok. Markian’s official account is @markianb and has over 960K followers. He got a lot of comments and likes on the platform.

On Instagram, Markian uploads one photo only through an account called markianb. He has more than 900K followers and always posts several InstaStory too.

He has an official and verified Facebook account named Markian. He has over 6.7 million followers and majorly posts about love, relationships, and more.

Markian can be an artist or guest star for any event. People can contact him through his business email at [email protected].

Markian Benhamou Girlfriend

Markian Benhamou is currently dating Afomia Hailemeskel which she shared on her Instagram-together romantic pic.

Previously, he was in a relationship with a woman named Shasta Marina, a social media personality.

Markian Benhamou Net Worth In 2024

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Markian Benhamou’s net worth is $3 million as of 2024.

He majorly earns money from social media and YouTube, as well as his own business and his father one too.

Markian Benhamou has beautiful houses and cars where he spends quality time.

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