Payton Delu (born on 6 September 2008) is a rising young star in online entertainment. She has amazed everyone through her massive success in the social media world.

Let’s take a look at her biography where you will get to know everything about her.

Profile Summary
NamePayton Delu
Birth Date6 September 2008
Birth PlaceUnited States
Zodiac SignVirgo
Age15 Years Old
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 5ft 2in
In Centimeter: 157cm
In Meter: 1.57m
WeightIn Kilogram: 46kg
In pounds: 101 lbs
Net Worth$1.5 million
ProfessionYouTube star, gymnast and Social Media Personality
ParentsFather: Shane
Mother: Ally
SiblingPaxton, Bryton, and Ashton
Relationship StatusSingle

Who is Payton Delu?  

Payton Delu Pic

Payton Delu is a popular YouTube star, gymnast, and social media personality from the United States. She was born in 2008 in Utah, US.

Payton began her career by creating videos for the YouTube channel Ninja Kidz TV’ and her siblings Paxton, Bryton, and Ashton. 

Some of her viral videos on the channel include ‘BOYS vs GIRLS! Super Birthday Bash! Twin Ninja Kidz!’ and ‘Being Awesome! Ninja Kidz Music Video’.

Payton also runs her self-titled YouTube channel, posting challenge videos, vlogs and funny skits.

She has gained over 2 million subscribers so far.

Apart from YouTube, Payton is highly active on social media platforms like Instagram, where she regularly updates her fans. 

Payton has achieved tremendous success and popularity as an influencer at a very young age. She is also a gifted gymnast and a black belt in martial arts.

Payton Delu Birthday 

Payton Delu Image

Payton Delu was born on September 6, 2008, in the United States.

She comes from a very athletic and artistic family who motivate and support her passion for gymnastics and performing. 

Payton grew up alongside her twin brother Paxton and two other siblings – Bryton and Ashton, in their hometown in Utah.

Her father, Shane, is a stunt artist, and her mother, Ally, is a homemaker who ensures that Payton and her siblings are immersed in a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

They were raised in a martial arts studio, and Payton holds a black belt in multiple disciplines.

Payton Delu Education

Payton Delu started learning gymnastics at 4 and showed incredible talent and flexibility. 

By the age of 10, Payton had achieved level 8 in gymnastics.

Payton attended her local primary school, where she was a bright student who enjoyed participating in extracurricular activities. 

Her supportive family encouraged her artistic side, and she began appearing in small school plays and dance recitals from a young age. 

It was clear early that Payton was destined for a career involving performance.

Payton Delu Age 

Payton Delu is currently 15 years old as of 2023 because she was born on September 6, 2008, in Utah, United States. 

She started her career as a YouTube star at a young age by creating content with her twin brother Paxton and siblings Bryton and Ashton for their YouTube channel Ninja Kidz TV. 

Payton is also a gymnast and holds a black belt in martial arts. She has achieved much success on YouTube and other social media platforms at a young age. 

Payton Delu Height and Weight 

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Payton Delu Myler stands at 5 feet 2 inches which is equal to 157 centimeters or 1.57 meters. Further, she weighs around 46 kg which is around 101 lbs.

The young YouTube star maintains a healthy lifestyle by regularly practicing gymnastics and martial arts. 

Despite her busy schedule of creating online content, she makes time for daily workouts to stay fit and agile. 

In interviews, Payton stated that she derives joy and strength from her athletic pursuits. 

She takes good care of her physical well-being and nurtures her creative talents.

Payton Delu Career  

Payton Delu has had an impressive career so far at a young age.

She started her YouTube journey in 2018 by creating videos on Ninja Kidz TV with her family and friends. 

The channel has gained over 20 million subscribers due to Payton’s charismatic personality and talent in martial arts.

Aside from this, she runs her self-titled YouTube channel, which has garnered over 2.5 million subscribers. 

Payton shares vlogs, pranks, and challenges relating to her daily life.

In addition to her successful YouTube endeavors, she is a level 8 gymnast and has won several medals in competitions.

Payton is also dedicated to martial arts, holding a black belt in the discipline.

Her multifaceted career and passion for content creation have made her a renowned social media personality today.

Payton Delu Crush

Payton is currently single and has no crush as of 2023. She may be focused on her career and might avoid getting into relationships.

However, there could be also the possibility that she will be dating someone privately.

Because as a social media star, she keeps a lot of things away from the media. She is just in her teenage and that’s why she would like to stay away from controversies regarding her attachments.

Payton Delu Net Worth  

Payton Delu Picture

Payton Delu has a net worth estimated at $1.5 million as of 2024.

She has been creating content on YouTube since 2017 as part of the popular family vlogging channel Ninja Kidz TV.

Her own YouTube channel, which she launched in 2018, has over 4 million subscribers, and her videos often cross millions of views.

This helps her generate thousands of dollars in income each year through advertising revenue and sponsorship deals. 

In addition to YouTube earnings, Payton also earns from brand endorsements and other business ventures.

Facts About Payton Delu 

  • Payton Delu first gained popularity as part of the YouTube channel Ninja Kidz TV alongside her twin brother Paxton and brothers Bryton and Ashton.
  • Payton also runs her own self-titled YouTube channel, which she launched in 2018. She posts vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle videos. Her channel has over 4 million subscribers.
  • Besides YouTube, Payton is highly active on Instagram, sharing photos of her family, traveling, and promoting her YouTube videos.
  • Payton has been practicing gymnastics since a young age. She is currently at Level 8 in gymnastics skills and holds a black belt in martial arts.
  • As a child star, Payton has appeared in multiple movies and television shows, including The Santa Box movie franchise.
  • Payton loves animals, especially dolphins. She has a pet dog named Nala, whom she often features on social media.
  • In her free time, Payton enjoys traveling, dancing, spending time with family, and exploring new hobbies like roller skating.

Payton Delu has found great success at a young age through her online talents. I hope you enjoyed learning some new facts about her remarkable journey.

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