Rich Marriott is a renowned American meteorologist known for his 36 years of journalism with KING5 TV. He has worked there for more than 36 years and still counting.

His work on climate change led him to win an Emmy Award. Let’s take a look at his inspirational biography where we will know his age, wife, family, retirement rumors, and KING5 journey.

Profile Summary
NameRich Marriott
Birth Date17 June 1949
Birth PlaceLong Beach, California
Age74 Years Old
Net Worth$2 Million
Known ForWork at KING5-TV
Marital StatusMarried

Who is Rich Marriott?

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Rich Marriott is an Emmy Award-winning senior meteorologist renowned for his 35-year tenure at KING 5 News in Seattle, Washington.

He began his meteorological journey at the University of Washington, where he studied Atmospheric Sciences.

His passion for Seattle’s weather drew him to the Pacific Northwest, ultimately leading him to become a key figure in forecasting for the region.

Marriott co-founded the Northwest Avalanche Center and worked for KING 5, contributing detailed mountain weather and avalanche forecasts.

Since his on-air debut in 1987, he has been a fixture on morning broadcasts, earning accolades such as an Emmy Award for his work on a Climate Change special.

Early Life of Rich Marriott

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Rich Marriott was born on 17 June 1949 in Long Beach, California. He liked learning about the weather when he was young.

He thought it was fascinating how little rain there was in his hometown. Rich wanted to live in Seattle because it had more rain.

He went to the University of Washington in 1975 to study Atmospheric Sciences, which is all about the Earth’s atmosphere and weather.

Rich became very interested in avalanches and the weather in the mountains. Later, he went to UCLA and got bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Meteorology.

Rich Marriott Age

Rich Marriott is 74 years old as of 2023 because sources claim that he was welcomed into this world on 17 June 1949.

However, you should note that he has never revealed his exact birth year. It’s his die-heart fans who have assumed this number.

In his 74 years of life, he has worked for around 36 years for the KING5 TV.

Rich Marriott Family

Rich Marriott has not disclosed anything related to his family. Maybe he does not like to share his personal information with the media.

And like we say, Rich is a valuable person who believes in being great in his work. And maybe that would be the reason he just wants to keep his personal and professional life separate.

Rich Marriott Journey at KING5 TV

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Rich Marriott has had a cool job in studying the weather for more than 48 years. Right now, he works as a weather expert on KING5-TV in Seattle, Washington.

He has been doing this job since January 2017, but he started way back in December 1987.

Apart from being on TV, Rich also started his own business called Richard Marriott Consulting in December 1975.

For more than 48 years, he’s been helping people understand the weather in the mountains, dealing with things like avalanches, and using special tools for this.

He even teaches others about mountain weather and avalanches.

Rich has taught at big schools like the USFS National Avalanche School and others. He has also helped with important projects, like planning for a highway in British Columbia.

His career is super interesting because he co-founded a weather and avalanche center back in October 1978.

He worked on cool stuff like figuring out how to predict the weather in the mountains and the danger of avalanches. He even helped set up weather stations in the Cascades and Olympics.

Rich has done a lot in his long and varied career, all because he loves studying the weather and finding ways it can be useful in different jobs.

What Happened to Rich Marriott KING5?

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Rich Marriott is still working with KING5 TV and nothing has happened with him. He is still serving as a meteorologist there.

Rich Marriott Retirement

Rich Marriott has not revealed anything regarding his retirement from KING5 TV or his meteorologist career. Till now, he loves doing this job as he has a childhood connection with it.

Nothing other is going to make him happier than his work as a meteorologist.

But because he is now too old, there might be chances of his retirement in the coming years.

Rich Marriott Net Worth

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Rich Marriott estimated net worth is $2 million as of 2023 which he has earned through his long meteorologic career.

Apart from this, he does not have any major earning source.

But because of is a senior meteorologist and has been loyal to the company for 36 years, he would be making a nice amount there.

His annual salary would be more than $500,000 there.

Rich Marriott Second Wife

Rich Marriott has been married to his second wife for 3 decades. However, he has not revealed the name or any other information of his wife.

But we came to know that Rich has been blessed with three children, of which two are adults. He has become the grandfather of two children.

Before his second wife, Rich was married to his first wife with whom he is no more connected. And again, he has revealed nothing about her.

As we already know, Rich likes being secretive and is a master at keeping things away from the media spotlight.

How Old is Rich Marriott Wife?

Rich Marriott wife would be around 60 years old because Rich himself is in his 70s.

Although this is not said by Rich himself, we still believe she would be in her 60s.

Last Words

Rich Marriott is a highly experienced meteorologist who has not only worked for a long time but has shown loyalty to his long-time working company.

It’s been over 36 years now he has been with KING5 TV and still willing to continue with it. This gives a lesson of loyalty.

Hope you enjoyed this whole story of Rich. Let us know your feedback and thoughts on this article.

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