Rory Gissing (born on 10 July in the 1980s) is a rising British professional competitive bodybuilder (IFBB) and social media fitness influencer.

He has earned millions of hearts across the internet, through his helpful fitness content. Let’s move into this article to read about his successful career, including his age, height, weight, wife, and net worth.

Who is Rory Gissing?

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Rory Gissing is a professional competitive bodybuilder (IFBB), fitness trainer, and social media sensation.

He is really good at lifting heavy weights and making his muscles strong. He used to study science in college and even got a special degree in it.

But what makes Rory extra special is that he’s really great at making short and exciting videos. He’s a big deal on the internet, and a lot of people like to watch him.

Rory has worked with different brands like Impact Coffee, Fitafy, Zhou Nutrition, and more. He’s even really popular on Instagram and TikTok, where he shares his videos and pictures with lots of people.

In the United Kingdom, he’s one of the top three people on Instagram and TikTok who are professional bodybuilders.

And guess what? Rory is so good at TikTok that he’s number one! That means he’s the best at making fun videos on TikTok.

Early Life of Rory Gissing

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Rory Gissing was born on 10 July in the late 1980s in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. He has not revealed his parents and family details as he likes to keep such information away from the media.

But he has once revealed that his brother was also a fitness enthusiast during his University days and that’s from where he got inspired.

He saw him doing bodybuilding on the stage and decided to beat him.

Further, we went through his Facebook and Instagram handles and found his two family member connections, namely Suzanne Gissing and Kellie Gissing.

Although, we don’t have an idea of who they are and what relationship they have with Rory. But as per their surname, we are sure that they belong to him.

Rory Gissing Education

Rory Gissing completed his primary education at a Scottish boarding school. After that, he enrolled in the University of Leeds in 2009 where he earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in 2012.

As he has been interested in fitness since his early days, he later joined the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2012.

There he studied for one year and came out with complete knowledge of fitness training, sports nutrition, and weight loss coaching.

Since then, he has started his career and achieved great success.

Rory Gissing Age

Rory Gissing is around 35 years old as of 2023 because he was born in the late 1980s. Even though he has not revealed his birth details, we assume he was born in that period.

In fact, Rory’s birth date has been taken through his Facebook picture he uploaded on 10 July 2017, saying it’s his birthday celebration.

Rory Gissing Height and Weight

Rory Gissing is around 5 feet 11 inches or 180 centimeters (1.8 meters) taller in terms of his height. Further, if we talk about his weight, it is around 70 kg which is equal to 154 lbs in pounds.

With such a perfect combination, his physical appearance looks fabulous. And as a fitness enthusiast, this is ordinary for him.

Rory Gissing Brief Career

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Rory Gissing started his journey after he saw his brother on a bodybuilding competition stage. On that day, he decided to grow his muscles and beat his own brother.

So, he started hitting the gym and was already in love with it since his school days. After working hard for a year, he was ready to go to bodybuilding competitions.

He followed the same and achieved good positions in the first few contests. This inspired him to work harder and that’s what paying him off today.

Rory Gissing has even worked for EHPlabs as an athlete on a four-month contract.

Rory Gissing Social Media Success

As Rory rose to fame after winning a few competitions, he decided to join the social media community too. He is currently available on almost all of the social platforms with an amazing amount of followers.

Let’s check out about each of them in detail:


Rory Gissing created his YouTube channel on 22 October 2011, though he started uploading the videos just a few years back.

As of now, Rory has uploaded over 220 videos on his channel, which also includes short videos. With the help of them, he has achieved over 25 thousand subscribers on his channel.


Rory Gissing is most popular on TikTok, with over 190 thousand followers and 6.2 million likes. Unlike other platforms, he gets a lot of attention from TikTok.

Even we believe that most of his internet followers are been coming through his TikTok handle and not other social media platforms.


Last but not least, Instagram is something where everyone rocks. Similarly, Rory has also dominated the follower fight in his British bodybuilding community.

There he has over 119 thousand followers with 800+ posts, which proves that he keeps engaging with his fans.

Aside from these platforms, Rory is also available on LinkedIn, Facebook, and his own website rorygissing.

Rory Gissing Wife

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Rory Gissing with his wife

Rory Gissing has been happily married to his wife since August 2022. The couple exchanged their vows in a private ceremony.

Sadly, we are unable to find out his wife’s name as he has kept it private. He just uploaded a post on his Instagram and LinkedIn handle about his marriage.

Rory Gissing Net Worth

Rory Gissing has an estimated net worth of $500,000 USD as of 2023. He has earned this huge wealth through his various earning sources.

Mostly, he makes his fortune through his social media handles. Apart from this, he earns through personal fitness and weight loss mentorship.

Also, he might be making money through brand promotions and sponsorships as he has already worked with around 10 brands.

Overall, he is making a lot of money with respect to his growth.

Final Words

Rory Gissing is someone who has already inspired thousands of people on the internet, building their dream physique. That’s how he has gained millions of fans.

We hope it was a nice read for you. Let us know your feedback and thoughts on this article below in the comment section.

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