Sarah Therese is a Canadian YouTuber known for her beauty and fashion content.

Sarah promotes various organizations and products on her Instagram page, including clothing, beauty care products, and well-being supplements.

She is recognized for publishing video blogs on her official @SarahTherese YouTube channel, primarily focusing on beauty and fashion.

Sarah is also famous for vlogging her pregnancy journey.

Who is Sarah Therese?

Sarah Therese

Sarah Therese started her YouTube channel in 2011, sharing her first video on hairstyling.

Over the years, she has gained over 1.1 million subscribers. Sarah is also known for vlogging her pregnancy and post-partum experiences.

She has a separate family vlog channel called YoungMamaVlogs.

Sarah is married to Kieran John, and they have five children together.

By sharing her journey, including the highs and lows of motherhood, Sarah has forged a strong connection with her audience, contributing to the success of her channel.

In addition to YouTube, she is active on various social media platforms, where she interacts with her followers and offers glimpses of her daily life.

Her influence extends beyond the digital realm, inspiring and empowering others through her content and personal narrative.

Early Life of Sarah Therese

Sarah Therese was born on 2 April 1995, in Vancouver, Canada.

She was raised in Vancouver and follows the Christian faith.

Sarah has a sibling, with one sister and one brother, but hasn’t disclosed information about her parents to the public.

While her educational background is not publicly known, it is speculated that she may have attended a community school in Vancouver before discontinuing her studies.

Sarah developed an interest in beauty and fashion at a young age.

Despite facing challenges, such as dropping out of school, Sarah’s passion for creating content never wavered.

Raised in Vancouver, Sarah practices Christianity and has a brother and a sister, though she has not shared details about her parents with the media.

How Old Is Sarah Therese?

As of 2024, Sarah Therese is currently 28 years old because she was born on 2 April 1995. Her zodiac or star sign is Aries.

Sarah Therese is 5 feet 4 inches tall which is equal to 162 centimeters or 1.62 meters. She weighs 58 kilograms which is around 127 lbs.

She has brown hair, green eyes, and a healthy figure measuring 32-28-34 inches.

Her height, weight, and measurements contribute to her overall appearance and style, which she often showcases in her beauty and fashion content on her YouTube channel.

What Does Sarah Therese Do For a Living?

Sarah Therese

Sarah Therese is a well-known Canadian YouTuber and social media influencer.

She gained popularity for vlogging her pregnancy journey and is famous for her beauty and fashion vlogs on her YouTube channel @SarahTherese.

Sarah’s first video, titled How To: Crimp, Curl, Wave and Straighten Hair With A Flat Iron was highly viewed.

She is often compared to fellow YouTuber Jackie Wyers. Besides her professional career, Sarah has engaged in extracurricular activities and inspired many aspiring YouTubers.

She shares informative and engaging videos on her YouTube channel and has 1.19 million subscribers and 106 million views.

Sarah joined Twitter in February 2012 (@SHeartsSparkle) and Instagram in March 2013 (@sarahthereseco), where she posts lifestyle, fashion, and beauty content.

Sarah is also tried in music but has not become a well-known musician.

She prioritizes her career, avoids controversies, and protects her reputation.

Meet Sarah Therese Husband

Sarah Therese husband

Sarah Therese married her charming husband Kieran John in 2014.

Kieran is a businessman by profession, although specific details about his business endeavors are not widely known.

Sarah and Kieran’s relationship seems to be strong and happy, as she often shares glimpses of their life together on her social media platforms.

Despite her active presence online, Sarah has kept details about her previous relationships or engagements private.

She appears to prioritize her marriage and family life, focusing on building a loving and supportive home for her husband and kids.

Sarah’s relationship with Kieran adds a personal touch to her content.

What Is Sarah Therese Kids Name?

Sarah Therese kids

Sarah Therese has 5 kids with her husband Kieran John.

Firstly, the older one is her daughter her name is Ivy after her she has a son named Calvin and the third one is again a beautiful daughter named Elizabeth.

The fourth one is the cutest and her name is Molly, after that recently, Sarah was blessed with a son named Edmund.

She is so proud of the mother of her five kids. Two of them are sons and the other three are daughters.

What is the Net Worth of Sarah Therese?

Sarah Therese has amassed a net worth of $4 million as of 2024.

She earns an annual salary of around $500,000. Sarah has worked diligently since a young age to achieve her current level of success.

Her rise to fame stems from her engaging beauty and fashion vlogs, particularly those chronicling her pregnancy and post-partum experiences.

She amassed a good amount of subscribers on her channel has garnered a sizable audience.

People like Sarah because she shares real and relatable stuff about her life, along with beauty and fashion tips, which helps her to make more wealth.

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