Shahid Anwar is a Pakistani-American entrepreneur, E-Commerce seller, mentor, and social media sensation. He has become widely popular due to his distinctive motivational approach towards his followers.

As of now, his wealth has surpassed $90 million and continues to grow steadily.

Let’s move towards this article to explore his biography, which covers details such as his net worth, age, businesses, and the journey to his success.

Profile Summary
NameShahid Anwar
Birth Date22 December 1994
Birth PlacePeshawar, Pakistan
Age30 years old
Net Worth$90 million
Monthly Income$500,000 USD +
Annual Income$10 million +
EducationDropped 9th Standard
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Amazon Seller, Mentor
Sibling1 Brother
Marital StatusUnmarried

Who is Shahid Anwar?

shahid anwar millionaire

Shahid Anwar is a Pakistani-American entrepreneur, e-commerce seller, mentor, and social media sensation known for his unique approach to motivating people.

He did different jobs, like working in Karachi. Then, in 2013, he went to Malaysia. Something happened there that made him decide to start his own company.

He moved to Dubai and Saudi Arabia, facing many problems, until he found That’s when he started selling shoes and did well. He opened many stores in Saudi Arabia.

Later, he went to the United States, but it wasn’t easy because of immigration problems. Still, he worked hard and opened successful businesses.

Shahid Anwar Net Worth

shahid anwar with car

Shahid Anwar estimated net worth is $90 million as of 2024. He has earned this massive wealth through his numerous earning sources.

He primarily makes money through his e-commerce business. Apart from that, he has a lot of other sources, which we will see below.

Shahid Anwar has an approximate monthly income of more than $500,000 USD.

If we talk about his annual salary, it would be more than $10 million now. Although this is not said by himself, we still believe as per his lifestyle.

Shahid Anwar Earning Sources

Shahid Anwar has a lot of earning sources through which he has been able to go near the hundred million wealth.

His main source of earnings includes his e-commerce product sales. Apart from this, he makes money through real estate, the stock market, and mentorship.

Take a look at his five major earning sources:


Shahid Anwar started his own business selling things online, mainly on Amazon.

He got good at it and began selling all kinds of products to people all around the world.

He even created his line of eyelash products, showing that he knows what people like and want when shopping online.

#Real Estate

Besides selling things online, Shahid Anwar is also involved in the real estate business.

While we don’t know all the details, it seems like he might be investing in properties or developing real estate.

This move into physical assets like houses and buildings fits with his smart strategy to grow his money and expand his investments.

#Stock Market

Shahid Anwar is not just a person who sells things online but also someone who invests money in the stock market.

This shows that he is good at understanding the ups and downs of the stock market.

#Teaching and Mentorship

On top of his businesses, Shahid Anwar teaches and helps others. He shares his business knowledge with people who want to learn, and he charges a fee for his time.

He offers mentorship sessions for $1,000 per hour, where he guides and supports aspiring business people.

Shahid has been through challenges himself, so he shares his experiences to help others succeed.

#Social Media Presence

Shahid Anwar uses social media like TikTok and Instagram to tell his story and connect with lots of people.

He does not just use it for fun but uses it to build his brand and make money.

By sharing interesting stories and creating content, he talks about what he has learned and gained from his experiences.

Early Life of Shahid Anwar

shahid anwar childhood
Shahid Anwar in Childhood VS Now

Shahid Anwar was born on December 22, 1994, in Peshawar, Pakistan to a common family. He has an elder brother who used to work in Saudi Arabia.

Shahid had a normal school life until the 9th grade. After that, he left school because he believed it wouldn’t help him reach his dreams.

His decision made his dad unhappy, but when Shahid talked to his mom about his dreams, she encouraged him.

With just PKR 3,000 from his mom, Shahid took a local bus to Karachi. In the beginning, things were hard, and he thought about going back home.

However, thinking about his money situation, he chose to stay and deal with the difficulties.

Along the way, he faced new challenges and learned important things.

Shahid Anwar Age

Shahid Anwar is just 30 years old as of 2024 because he was welcomed into this world in December 1994.

Although he is worldwide famous at 29, he started his journey at a young age.

Today, he is motivating and guiding a lot of young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

Shahid Anwar Parents

shahid anwar
Shahid Anwar and His Father

Shahid Anwar has not disclosed the names of his parents. However, we would like to tell you that his parents are the most important people in his life.

His dad had a job as a watchman in Saudi Arabia. At first, Shahid’s dad didn’t like the idea of him leaving school, but his mom was there to back up his dreams.

This support was super important when Shahid had tough times while trying to succeed.

Shahid had to go through a lot, but with his mom cheering him on, he kept going.

His journey to success wasn’t easy, but his parents’ support made a big difference.

Recently. Shahid surprised his father with a brand-new car.

Shahid Anwar Early Career

shahid anwar in saudi
Shahid Anwar in his initial days

Shahid Anwar has had an amazing journey that teaches us about being strong, determined, and having a business mindset.

He started as a worker in Karachi, earning a small amount of money.

Wanting a better life, he went to Malaysia, faced tough times, but never gave up. Something tough that happened with his boss turned out to be the start of a new beginning.

Shahid worked in Thailand and Dubai early in his career, not choosing regular jobs but following his dream of having his own business.

Saudi Arabia was a significant part of his journey, and even though he had a managerial job, he wasn’t satisfied.

This made him explore new opportunities, changing his life for the better.

A big moment came when Shahid found and saw a chance for a business.

Even though people doubted him and he faced challenges, he worked hard, got a deal with a big store, and entered the shoe business.

This took him from earning SAR 7000 a month to an incredible SAR 80,000.

His Rise to Stardom

shahid anwar with helicopter

Wanting more success, Shahid went to America, where he dealt with immigration issues and money problems.

But he didn’t give up and did unconventional jobs like driving for Uber. Eventually, he succeeded with a cloud kitchen and then started his restaurant, Halal-Hut.

When COVID-19 hit, Shahid had to adapt again. Inspired by TikTok’s success stories, he joined the e-commerce world, especially on Amazon.

Even though he faced losses at first, he kept going and successfully launched his product, the Evil Eye Ankle.

His Amazon experience led him to wholesale selling, dealing with big brands like Colgate and Barbie brushes. He expanded into religious products and focused on eyelash items, which added to his success.

Taking a brave step, Shahid created his brand for eyelash products, using his e-commerce skills.

His dedication to being excellent and having a smart plan helped him make a lot of money from different business ventures.

In short, Shahid Anwar’s journey is a story of winning over challenges, showing how being determined, adaptable, and having a business mind can lead from being a worker in Karachi to a successful entrepreneur worldwide.

It’s a story that can inspire anyone who dreams of having their own business.

Shahid Anwar Course or University

Shahid Anwar made a fantastic class at Shahid Anwar University. The class is only $297, but it gives you super valuable knowledge.

In this class, you can learn everything about selling stuff on Amazon, from the beginning to the end.

The class takes about 27.5 hours, and there are 203 lessons in total. It’s a great opportunity to learn a lot.

Is Shahid Anwar Course Free?

Shahid Anwar’s course at Shahid Anwar University isn’t free. It costs $297, as mentioned earlier.

There is a good reason for this – we often don’t value things that come for free.

By putting a price on the course, it becomes more valuable, and people are more likely to take it seriously.

It’s a way to show that the knowledge and skills you gain from the course are worth the investment.

Shahid Anwar Personal Life

shahid anwar image

Shahid is known for being a dedicated and hardworking individual, fully committed to his work.

This strong work ethic might be keeping him focused and away from unnecessary distractions like romantic relationships.

Regarding marriage, Shahid believes in achieving success before considering such commitments.

He thinks that a man should establish himself professionally before getting married. Because it is crucial to ensure a better and less challenging life for both himself and his future spouse.

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