Soumaya Domit Gemayel (born in 1948) was a famous Mexican celebrity best known for being the former wife of Carlos Slim, one of Mexico’s richest businessmen.

Despite her death, their relationship is still an inspiration for a lot of people. They had been together for over four decades until she passed away.

Let’s read this article to know everything about Soumaya and her relationship.

Profile Summary
NameSoumaya Domit Gemayel
Birth Year1948
Birth PlaceMexico City
Age51 Years (At Death)
Net Worth$10 million
HusbandCarlos Slim
ChildrenMarco Antonio Slim
Carlos Slim Domit
Soumaya Slim
Vanessa Slim
Johanna Slim
Patrick Slim
Death CauseKidney Problems

Who is Soumaya Domit?

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Soumaya Domit was a famous Mexican celebrity who was best recognized for being the wife of Carlos Slim. They loved each other a lot and traveled around the world together. They had six children, and they were very happy.

When Soumaya passed away, her husband Carlos built a special museum with beautiful art to remember her

He called it Museo Soumaya. This museum has lots of amazing things like sculptures, paintings, and even old coins. It’s open for everyone to see for free!

Carlos Slim still misses his wife a lot, and he keeps a photo of her on his desk.

Soumaya Domit Birthday

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Soumaya Domit was born in 1948 in Mexico City. She had a loving family with her mom and dad and four brothers and sisters.

She was a Maronite Christian, which means she followed a special kind of Christian faith.

Soumaya’s family had Lebanese roots, and they were from a place far away called Lebanon.

Her childhood was full of love and adventures, and she went on to make a big impact in the world through her husband Carlos, and the museum named after her.

Soumaya Domit Age

Soumya Domit was just 51 years old when she passed away in 1999. This is because she was born in 1948.

If we talk about her age, during her different moments, then it would be:

  • 16 years old when she first met Carlos Slim
  • 18 years old when she married her husband
  • 50 years old when her mother died
  • 51 years old when she left this world

Soumaya Domit Nationality

Soumaya Domit was a Mexican in terms of her nationality. However, if we include her origin too, then she was Lebanese-origin Mexican.

Soumaya Domit Husband Carlos Slim

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Soumaya Domit was married to her loving husband Carlos Slim since 1966. They had a very special and loving relationship.

They first met when Carlos was 24 years old, and Soumaya was still a teenager. Their mothers were friends, and they lived close to each other in Mexico City.

After falling in love, they got married in 1966. They had an amazing honeymoon, traveling to many exciting places worldwide.

During their marriage, they had six children together and built a happy family.

Carlos Slim deeply loved Soumaya, and after her passing in 1999, he continued to remember her with great affection.

Their strong bond is also reflected in the Museo Soumaya, a special museum Carlos created in her memory.

Their relationship was filled with love, adventure, and a deep connection that continues to be celebrated through the museum and his philanthropic work.

Soumaya Domit Children

Soumya Domit was blessed with six children:

  • Marco Antonio Slim
  • Carlos Slim Domit
  • Soumaya Slim
  • Vanessa Slim
  • Johanna Slim
  • Patrick Slim

Most of her children are successful now. Carlos Slim Domit is the most successful among her all children, who owns various higher positions in different organizations.

Their mother, Soumaya, would be happy watching them achieve greater success.

Soumaya Domit Death

Soumaya Domit passed away in 1999 when she was 51 years old. She died due to kidney problems, which was a very sad and difficult time for her family, especially her loving husband, Carlos Slim.

Her death was a great loss to her family and friends. Carlos Slim, in particular, was deeply affected by her passing and has always kept her memory close to his heart.

Although Soumaya is no longer with us, her legacy lives on through the Museo Soumaya, a museum her husband established in her memory.

This museum allows people to enjoy art and culture, just like she did during her lifetime.

Soumaya Domit Cause of Death

As stated, Soumya Domit died because of kidney problems. This was the core reason behind her death.

Otherwise, she was just 51 years old at the time of her death and we all know that this is just a middle period of everyone’s life.

Soumaya Domit Net Worth

Soumaya Domit was estimated to have a net worth of $10 million at the time of her death. Although, she personally had no successful profession.

But because she was the wife of one of Mexico’s richest persons, she became a millionaire.

Soumaya’s husband, Carlos Slims owns over $60 billion in 2023. Now, you can assume how rich she was as her wife.

Facts About Soumya Domit

  • Soumaya Domit was married to a very rich and important man named Carlos Slim, and they loved each other a lot.
  • They had six children and were a happy family.
  • When she passed away, her husband built a museum to remember her. It’s called Museo Soumaya, and it’s full of cool things like sculptures and paintings.
  • Carlos Slim still loves his wife a lot, and he keeps a picture of her on his desk.
  • Soumaya was born in Mexico City in 1948 and had a lovely family with mom, dad, and four brothers and sisters.
  • She followed a special kind of Christian faith called Maronite Christianity because her family had roots in a faraway place called Lebanon.
  • She met Carlos when she was just 16, and they married when she was 18. They had a great time traveling and being together.
  • Soumaya passed away when she was 51 because of kidney problems. She left many memories and a wonderful museum that people can enjoy.

You can now relax as you have just completed a detailed information biography of Soumaya Domit Gemayel, whom everyone knows as Carlos Slim’s wife.

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