Teni Panosian is a popular beauty vlogger who shares makeup, hair, and skincare tips on her YouTube channel.

She has over 1.1 million subscribers. Teni is not only a YouTuber but also an actress.

Some of her notable works include Mac & Devin Go to High School, Cruisers & Shakers, and Blood Is Blood.

In this article, you are going to know all about Teni Panosian including his age, height, fiance, and net worth.

Who is Teni Panosian?

Teni Panosian

Teni Panosian is a famous and wealthy YouTube star who hails from the United States.

She gained recognition for her roles in TV movies like Deadly Revenge where she appeared alongside Constance Wu.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, she often shares pictures of her pet dog on Instagram.

Aside from her YouTube career, Teni Panosian is also an actress and known for her role in Mac & Devin Go to High School and other film and TV appearances.

She has amassed over 1.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she shares beauty, makeup, skincare, hair, and style tips.

Additionally, she is the founder of the beauty brand Monday Born Beauty.

On her verified Instagram account, she regularly posts modeling photos.

Early Life of Teni Panosian

Teni Panosian was born on 16 July 1984, in California, USA.

Her parents are originally from Iran. She grew up in California alongside her younger brother.

He was born in the USA and she faced challenges in accepting herself due to American beauty standards.

She struggled with embracing her natural features like dark hair and thick eyebrows, wishing to fit in with the typical American image portrayed in media.

However, as she grew older, she learned to embrace her uniqueness and appreciate her natural appearance.

Later, she pursued her passion for writing by starting a blog.

In 2007, she graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, followed by a Master of Arts degree in Communication Management in 2009.

How Old Is Teni Panosian?

As of 2024, Teni Panosian is 39 years old because she was born on 16 July 1984.

She was selected as one of the actors for the 2011 Disney ABC Television Group Talent Showcase.

Before her acting career, she was part of the USC Song Girls along with Jacquelyn Umof and Allison Mattox.

Where is Teni Panosian From?

Teni Panosian is originally from Iran but she moved to California when she was very young.

She is very cultural and knows how to make her name in any country which is not her hometown.

Teni Panosian Height and Weight: Teni Panosian stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall which is about 167 centimeters or 1.67 meters.

She weighs about 62 kilograms which is equivalent to 136 lbs.

Teni is known for her curvy yet slender figure. She has brown eyes and black hair, which complements her skin tone.

Teni is mindful of her appearance and maintains her body shape well. Her charming smile is one of her most appealing features.

Teni Panosian Career

Teni Panosian

Teni Panosian is a well-known figure in social media and the beauty world. She is famous on YouTube, where she shares makeup tips, and product reviews, and promotes body positivity.

What makes Miss Maven stand out is her fearless approach to trying new trends and her relatable personality.

She connects with her audience, earning their loyalty with her bubbly demeanor and genuine content.

With over 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube, she is become a leading voice in the fashion niche.

Beyond her online presence, she is also a successful businesswoman, featured in magazines and TV shows as a beauty expert.

Teni Panosian’s creative content and friendly demeanor keep her audience engaged, making her a go-to source for beauty advice.

She has also ventured into entrepreneurship, founding the beauty brand Monday Born Beauty.

Additionally, she shares her modeling photos on her verified Instagram account, where she has a strong following.

In addition to her online work, she has appeared in films and TV shows, including a role in Mac & Devin Go to High School.

Is Teni Panosian Engaged?

Teni Panosian

Teni Panosian is currently engaged with her long-term partner and also she prefers to keep her personal and romantic life private.

Regarding her past relationships, Teni has had a few partners in the past, but she hasn’t been engaged before.

Online rumors about Teni Panosian’s dating history may vary, and it can be challenging to keep track of all her relationships.

While it’s easy to find out who she is currently dating it is harder to maintain a comprehensive timeline of her past flings and breakups.

Teni Panosian Fiance

Teni Panosian fiance

From around 2018, Teni Panosian has been in a relationship with Enesse, who is an international pop star.

Enesse is a well-known singer and rapper with songs like “Thug Cry,” “Focused,” “Just Like Me,” and “Complicated” under his belt.

They often share pictures together on social media, showing their affection for each other.

While there aren’t many details about how they met, the couple seems very happy together and has even gone on romantic trips.

What Is Teni Panosian Net Worth?

Teni Panosian has an estimated to be around $5 million as of 2024.

She is a popular YouTube star from the United States and one of the richest in her field.

She started her blog, MissMaven, after her friends sought her advice on beauty.

Besides her online presence, she has also appeared in movies such as Perfect Combination, Mac & Devin Go to High School, Deadly Revenge, and Cruisers & Shakers.

Thanks to her successful career, she has gained a large following on various platforms.

This all helps her to make a living and become financially independent. She currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys a luxurious life.

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