Veronika Rajek is a prominent Slovakian model and social media influencer. With over 7 million followers on Instagram, she is regarded as one of the top influencers worldwide. 

Besides modeling, Rajek is also an entrepreneur and has launched her wellness brand. 

She has worked with numerous high-end fashion brands and appeared in magazine editorials and ad campaigns.

Who is Veronika Rajek? 

Veronika Rajek is a Slovakian model and social media influencer. She began model modeling at a young and has since worked with several big brands.

Rajek is best known for her Instagram presence, with over 7 million followers.

As a model, she has done modeling campaigns and walked runways for numerous prominent fashion designers. 

In addition to modeling, Rajek is also a successful Instagram influencer and content creator. She regularly shares her photos on social media and provides fashion and lifestyle inspiration to her many fans.

Rajek has become very popular on social media because of her good looks and beautiful figure. While she receives praise from many, she has sometimes been criticized. Some say she has inspired jealousy in others due to her beauty and success. 

Regardless, Veronika Rajek remains one of the most prominent models from Slovakia, with a huge following worldwide.

Early Life Childhood

Veronika Rajek was born on 20 February 1996 in Bratislava, Slovakia. She grew up in the capital city of Slovakia. Veronika came from a loving family background. 

Her father’s name is Mr Matasova, and her mother’s is Mrs Matasova. She has no siblings. Veronika did her schooling at Sportove Gymnasium Kosice. 

Later, she went to VSBM Kosice for higher education. Veronika was interested in modelling from a young age. 

She started doing small modeling projects when she was 14 years old. During her teenage, Veronika participated in many beauty pageants at the national level. Her childhood dream was to become a famous model.

Veronika Rajek Age 

Veronika Rajek is currently 28 years old as of 2023 because she was born on 20 February in 1996. 

Through her successful career as a model and social media influencer, she has gained popularity worldwide with millions of followers on Instagram.

Veronika Rajek Height and Weight 

Veronika Rajek stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches tall, which is equal to 180 centimetres or 1.8 meters. 

She weighs around 58 kg, which is equal to 128 lbs. Rajek has the ideal height and weight for a fashion model.

Veronika Rajek Career 

Veronika Rajek began her modelling career in Milan, Italy, at the young age of 14. 

Some of her early works include participating in beauty pageants like Miss Slovak Republic 2016 and Miss Summer 2015, where she was the runner-up. This gave her the boost to pursue a full-time career in modelling.

She has since walked runways for many reputed brands and designers during fashion weeks. 

Some notable international brands she has worked with include Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, and Moschino. Rajek has also done modelling shoots for well-known magazines and advertisers.

Apart from runway modelling, Rajek is active on Instagram, where she has millions of followers.

 She shares her latest photoshoots and lifestyle and fitness tips on social media. Her engaging social media presence has made her a popular influencer.

Besides modelling and creating content online, Rajek is also an entrepreneur. She launched her brand, HappyVe, which sells plant-based dietary supplements and accessories. 

Rajek has achieved much success in the fashion and business world at a young age through dedicated hard work.

Veronika Rajek Husband

Veronika Rajek’s boyfriend is Viktor Rajek. She met Viktor in her early modeling career, and they got married in 2019 after dating for some time. 

Very little is known about Viktor, as Veronika likes to keep her private life away from media attention. 

Some sources mention that Veronika and Viktor may have separated lately as she stopped posting about him on social media. However, there is no official confirmation of a split between the couple. 

Veronika Rajek Tom Brady

Apart from Viktor, Veronika was rumoured to be dating famous American football player Tom Brady due to her affection for him.

Still, those were only speculations, as no credible reports of them dating surfaced.

Overall, Veronika prefers to keep her romantic relationships away from public discussions.

Veronika Rajek Net Worth As Of 2024

Veronika Rajek estimated net worth is around $5 million as of 2024.

She is a Slovakian model and social media influencer who has amassed a considerable net worth through her successful career. 

Her primary source of income comes from modeling and endorsements for various fashion and beauty brands.

She has worked with high-end labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, and Moschino. 

As a prominent Instagram star, Rajek earns well through sponsored brand partnerships and promotion deals on social media. 

In the previous years, her estimated net worth was around $2-3 million, showing an increase of about $1-2 million annually due to her growing social influence and entrepreneurial ventures. 

Apart from modeling income averaging six figures per year, Rajek has a self-started business, HappyVe, that sells plant-based wellness products and contributes to her wealth. 

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