Warren Jeffs is an infamous American religious leader who served as the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He is currently serving life imprisonment plus 20 years for charges related to sexual assault of minors. 

Let’s read his biography to know what happened to him.

Profile Summary
NameWarren Jeffs
Birth DateBorn on 3 December 1955
Birth Placein Sacramento, California
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Age68 years old as of 2023
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 6′ 3″
In Centimeter: 191 cm
In Meter: 1.91 m
WeightIn Kilogram: 86 kg
In pounds: 190 lbs
Net Worth$55 million as of 2023
ProfessionReligious leader
ParentsFather: Rulon Jeffs
Mother: N/A
Martial StatusMarried
WivesMarianne Jessop, Nolita Collen Blackmore, and Annie Mae Blackmore. 
ChildrenRachel Jeffs, Becky Jeffs, and son Roy Jeffs

Who is Warren Jeffs?  

Warren Jeffs Picture

Warren Jeffs is an American religious leader who served as the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the FLDS Church. 

The FLDS Church practices polygamy and sees itself as the true continuation of early Mormonism. =

Jeffs assumed leadership of the FLDS Church after his father passed away in 2002.

As the leader, Jeffs implemented strict rules for his followers and arranged many underage marriages between young girls and older men within the FLDS community. 

He controlled nearly every aspect of people’s lives. =

Jeffs was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List in 2006 after criminal charges were filed against him related to these forced underage marriages. 

He was eventually arrested and convicted in 2011 on two felony counts of being an accomplice to rape.

Jeffs is currently serving a life sentence plus 20 years in prison. 

His control of the FLDS Church caused much controversy and brought increased scrutiny to the group.

Early Life of Warren Jeffs 

Warren Jeffs was born on December 3, 19,55 in Sacramento, California. He was born into a polygamist Mormon fundamentalist family. 

Warren’s father, Rulon Jeffs, had multiple wives and many children. Warren grew up with many step-siblings and step-mothers in a strict religious environment. 

His family was part of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which practices polygamy. 

Warren was raised to one day take on a leadership role in the church from a young age. He went to local schools near his home in Utah. 

As a child, Warren helped out at the family’s religious schools and was seen as the favorite son groomed to take over from his father.

Warren Jeffs Age  

Warren Jeffs Pic

Warren Jeffs is currently 68 years old as of 2023 because he was born on 3 December 1955. 

In the late 1970s, at around age 21, Jeffs began serving as a principal of Alta Academy, an FLDS private school. 

He gained prominence after his father Rulon Jeff’s death in 2002 when he took over leadership of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at age 47. 

Jeffs subsequently went on to face criminal charges related to child sexual abuse and was sentenced to life imprisonment at age 55 in 2011.

He remains incarcerated in a Texas prison at age 68.

Warren Jeffs Height and Weight 

Warren Jeffs Image

Warren Jeffs stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall, which is equal to 191 centimeters or 1.91 meters.

He weighs around 81-86 Kg, which is equal to 180-190 lbs.

At age 67 now, Warren Jeffs has black hair and black eyes, as per his mugshots available online. He has an aged appearance now, given his time behind bars since 2006. 

However, in his younger days as the leader of the FLDS church when pictures were out, he had a stern look about him. 

His photographs showed him with neatly combed black hair and a serious demeanor that likely contributed to his authority over the FLDS members at the time. 

Jeffs has maintained an average build for his height throughout his life, before and during his imprisonment.

Warren Jeffs Career  

Warren Jeffs Image

Warren Jeffs has had an interesting career. He grew up in the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints church, also known as the FLDS church. 

In 2002, Warren succeeded his father as the president of the FLDS church after his dad passed away. 

Since then, he has controversially led the church, endorsing underage marriage and reassigning followers’ wives.

Warren was on the FBI’s most wanted list and spent time in jail for arranging illegal underage marriages. 

He is currently serving a life sentence of 20 years in a Texas prison for child sexual assault charges. 

Warren Jeffs Wives

Warren Jeffs married more than 75 wives throughout his life.

Some of his notable wives included Marianne Jessop, Nolita Collen Blackmore, and Annie Mae Blackmore

Jeffs participated in plural or polygamous marriages, which are where a person is married to more than one spouse at the same time.

 His religious sect, the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints, believes in and practices polygamy. 

Jeffs took additional underage wives as well, which added to the legal issues he faced.

His multiple marriages were all conducted within the religious practices of his church community.

Warren Jeffs Children

Warren Jeffs has three children: Rachel Jeffs, Becky Jeffs, and son Roy Jeffs. 

He fathered these children with some of his plural wives within the polygamist FLDS community that he led, where he participated in and sanctioned the practice of underage marriage.

Warren Jeffs Net Worth

Warren Jeffs estimated net worth is $55 million as of 2024.

He has amassed his wealth primarily through his leadership of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church). 

As the president of the FLDS Church since 2002, Jeffs receives substantial financial support from his followers and controls extensive real estate holdings and businesses. 

Reportedly, his annual salary used to be around $500,000 from church assets. 

Jeffs also receives significant royalties or residuals from books and other works he has authored as the church leader. 

I hope this gives you a helpful overview of Warren Jeffs’ controversial life and career as the leader of the FLDS Church.

Please comment below for any other questions or thoughts about his biography.

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