Aleah Woodmansee is famous as a best friend of Gypsy Rose and her confidante.

She became more widely known due to her portrayal in The Act as the character Lacey.

Gypsy Rose, the daughter of Dee Dee Blanchard, had orchestrated her mother’s murder with her online boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, a secret known only to Aleah.

In this article, we know all about Gypsy’s best friend Aleah Woodmansee including her age, mom, net worth, and relationship with Gypsy Rose.

Who is Aleah Woodmansee?

Aleah Woodmansee
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Aleah Woodmansee is an American makeup artist and venue coordinator from Missouri, USA.

She is known for her connection to the true crime story involving Gypsy Rose Blanchard, whom she considers her best friend and neighbor.

Aleah Woodmansee is aware of the deception in Gypsy’s life and they communicate through private Facebook accounts.

The story gained attention, leading to the creation of the Hulu crime show The Act, which focuses on the revenge of a daughter.

There were rumors that Joey King might play the role of Gypsy in the show.

She shares a unique connection with her former next-door neighbor, Gypsy Rose Blanchard. However, their lives took drastically different turns.

When Gypsy Rose murdered her mom, Dee Dee Blanchard, and fled with her boyfriend Nick Godejohn, Aleah was then 23 years old and was already aware of Gypsy Rose’s online romance with Godejohn.

Being Gypsy Rose’s closest confidante Aleah had lost touch with her former best friend after Dee Dee warned her to stay away.

She later informed the police about Godejohn, helping them trace the murderers.

It was only after Gypsy Rose’s arrest that Aleah discovered the truth about Dee Dee’s fabricated medical ailments.

In summary, Aleah Woodmansee is a makeup artist with a connection to the Gypsy Rose Blanchard true crime story, and she plays a role in the narrative surrounding the deception orchestrated by Gypsy’s mother.

Aleah Woodmansee and Gypsy Rose Friendship

Gypsy Rose with her husband
Gypsy Rose with her husband Ryan Anderson

Aleah Woodmansee is the Gypsy Rose’s best friend and neighbor who gained attention after the release of the series The Act in 2019.

Gypsy Rose and Aleah used a secret Facebook account, created under the name Emma Rose, to communicate.

Because Gypsy’s mom, Dee Dee, was overprotective. Gypsy wanted to be a regular teenager and sought advice from Aleah on things like boys and kissing.

Dee Dee made it hard for them to stay friends. She wanted Gypsy to act like a seven-year-old and didn’t like Aleah talking to Gypsy like someone her own age.

Dee Dee also lied about Aleah to create distance between them, making Gypsy doubt their friendship.

Gypsy’s relationship with her boyfriend, Nicolas Godejohn, whom she met on a Christian dating site, was like a fairy tale for her and Aleah.

After Dee Dee’s murder, Aleah informed the police about Gypsy’s boyfriend. Despite Gypsy’s prison sentence, Aleah continues to support her, believing there’s more to the story than people know.

Aleah attended all of Gypsy’s preliminary hearings, stating that she wanted to support her because she doesn’t think Gypsy did it for no reason and is not an evil person.

When Gypsy Rose was released from prison she married a very supporting and handsome man Ryan Anderson. He gives a happy ending to the Gypsy story.

Aleah Woodmansee in The Act

Aleah Woodmansee
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Aleah’s life became unexpectedly publicized when Hulu released The Act in 2019 a series based on Gypsy Rose’s life story.

In the show, Aleah’s character, named “Lacey,” is portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb.

However, Aleah has chosen not to watch the series, expressing discomfort with the dramatization.

And the way she is portrayed, especially disapproving of fictional scenes involving drinking, smoking, and tattooing.

Aleah takes a compassionate stance towards Gypsy Rose, expressing hope that she receives the necessary help for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Aleah emphasizes the complexity of the situation and refrains from passing judgment on whether Gypsy Rose deserves her prison sentence, wishing her former friend the best in overcoming the challenges ahead.

Early Life of Aleah Woodmansee

Aleah Woodmansee was born in 1992, and raised in Springfield, Missouri. She comes from a White-Caucasian working-class family.

She graduated from Central High School in Springfield and was a former student at OTC.

Aleah Woodmansee Mom Amy Pinegar

Aleah Woodmansee is the only child raised by a single mom, Amy Pinegar. They both are living next to Gypsy Rose.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, had convinced Alea and her mother Amy that Gypsy was suffering from various illnesses, including leukemia, asthma, dystrophy, and epilepsy.

However, these were all lies, and Gypsy was healthy. Dee Dee received donations and financial gains by exploiting her daughter’s fake illnesses.

Alea Woodmansee Age, Height, and Weight

Alea Woodmansee is currently 32 years old as of 2024. She stands at 5 feet 5 inches which is equivalent to 165 centimeters or 1.65 meters.

Her weight is 62 kilograms which is equal to 136 lbs. She has blonde hair and a white skin tone.

Aleah Woodmansee Career

Aleah Woodmansee’s career started after she completed high school at Central High School in Springfield, Aleah pursued a career in makeup artistry.

She worked at Pin-Up Salon Co. and Ned Play Inc. before becoming an Event Coordinator at Main Corner Mercantile.

She also worked at a call center for Bass Pro Shops and was an ex-employee of Oxford Healthcare.

Aleah Woodmansee Husband

Aleah Woodmansee husband name is Jonathan Taylor and she has chosen to keep her private life away from the media.

Jonathan and Alea have been dating for a long time and after spending so many together they finally decided to marry and spend the rest of their lives together.

Now she lives a happy life with her husband However, specific details about her marriage are not available in the media.

Aleah Woodmansee Net Worth

Aleah Woodmansee estimated net worth is around $100,000 as of 2024.

She earns this money from her career as a makeup artist and she also does a job in a call center for some years.

Apart from her career, Aleah is involved in some kind of investment to increase her money.

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