Why Nicole Caluag family is rich? You can only find the most accurate answer in the discussion of this article.

Her family is famous as a wealthy group because of its business shrewdness. Apart from that, his parents are business people and have developed businesses in the Philippines and abroad.

In this article, you are going to know everything about Nicole Caluag’s personal life, including her family, net worth, and more.

Who is Nicole Caluag?

Nicole Caluag
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Nicole Caluag is a Filipino makeup artist, social media personality, YouTuber, and singer.

She was born on 1 December 1993 in the Philippines.

She is famous as an influencer who comes from a very rich family. Not infrequently, she often shares portraits of her togetherness with her beloved family on her social media.

Besides that, Nicole has been interested in the world of makeup since she was a child.

She often tries various makeup tutorials to make her face look beautiful, and the results are very good.

Nicole has also become one of the top makeup artists in the Philippines. She has made up many celebrities as her clients.

Not only that, her fame is skyrocketing because its content influences many women to apply makeup as same as her, while the number of followers is very large on social media.

How Nicole Caluag Family Become so Rich?

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Nicole Caluag’s family is rich because they are known for their business shrewdness.

Her family always lives a happy and comfortable life. It is not uncommon for their moments together to always be recorded and circulated widely on the internet.

Some people don’t know that Her Parents are business people who have developed large-scale businesses, both in the Philippines and abroad. They both love and are supportive, while Nicole never lacks love from her parents.

Nicole is not only growing up as her parents’ favorite child, she also has four brothers and three sisters. 

She is very close and has a very good relationship with all her siblings. This solidarity is visible when Nicole often uploads their moments together on Instagram.

Besides that, her family is never free from a luxurious lifestyle. They often wear several accessories, including branded clothes and bags from several world-class brands.

How Did Nicole Caluag Become Famous?

Nicole Caluag is famous for all her cool, exciting, and inspiring content on the internet.

How could it not be, that this beautiful woman was able to gain popularity just by uploading singing videos, lip-syncs, and even makeup tutorials to her personal Instagram and TikTok.

On Instagram, Nicole has collected more than 242K followers and predominantly uploads content about makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and family that looks harmonious and harmonious.

Nicole is also famous on TikTok. She has gained more than 8 million fans, and all her content is often included in FYP.

She has received over 5 million likes and the majority of her videos are very interesting, as well as inspiring many women thanks to her makeup content with amazing results.

Meanwhile, Nicole has collaborated with several leading brands for advertising and endorsements, and her fame has skyrocketed thanks to her collaboration with all these popular brands.

Is Nicole Caluag Married?

Nicole Caluag is officially married to a man named Bong Sto Domingo, a well-known businessman in the Philippines.

This couple has been dating for a long time and often shares intimate portraits and togetherness on their respective social media.

They are also famous as a romantic couple and always spend their free time together.

Not only that, both of them are known to enjoy vacationing and visiting various famous places around the world.

They have visited several popular locations such as Balesin Island, San Benito, and many more.

All these moments of togetherness became more complete after the presence of their child who grew into a cute figure.

Where Is Nicole Caluag Living Now?

Nicole Caluag reportedly lives in a luxury residence in the Philippines.

She lives with her husband and children who are growing up nowadays. Unfortunately, she did not explain the complete address of her residence in detail.

She maintains her privacy so that not just anyone can come to her house, while portraits of her residence are often seen in a number of her posts on Instagram.

This residence does look luxurious with sparkling ornaments which ensures that the house has a quite fantastic price.

How Much Nicole Caluag’s Net Worth

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Nicole Caluag’s net worth is around $100,000 USD to $1 million as of 2024.

She earns money from her occupations as a singer, social media personality, YouTuber, and makeup artist.

As we said earlier, she has been collaborating alongside several famous brands to do advertisements as well as endorsements. She receives a quiet salary through her business, including her accounts.

However, she has kept her average salary and there is no permission for people to know about that at this time.

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